do yourself a favor

To save a few bucks, I decided to make our wedding favors by hand using everyday materials from Michaels and Hobby Lobby (I love both these stores to a degree of unhealthiness…it feels like I have a mental seizure every time I walk down the scrapbook paper aisle and I’m not even from Utah). You can use any decoration imaginable from ribbons to buttons to sticker labels. I decided to go with the following:

  • Red yarn
  • Paper flowers (“Daisy Doodles” flower embellishments sold in glass jars)
  • Rubber stamp and ink pad (find a stamp that matches the look or feel of your wedding)
  • Fold-it-yourself boxes (100 count)
  • Silver adhesive seals (to close off the boxes)
  • It helps to watch a movie while you’re doing this, especially if you’re repeating redundant steps. To be honest, I’ve been watching more romantic comedies than ever before and I have to say…Notting Hill never gets old. I stamped boxes and braided yarn until my fingers were about to break off, kind of like when you bend a wire one too many times and snap! But it was so much fun that I kept going until I finished about 40-50 boxes. I plan on filling them with chocolaty sweets for our guests to “engorge” on (this will probably take them about 30 seconds to finish).


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