Shooting babies {in the artistic sense}

One of the perks of working for a baby company is that you get to work hands on with the end consumer. Babies! I spent the day photo shooting infants from 8:00-5:30 pm and it was a blast. But shoots like this leave you completely depleted of energy and…momentarily baby hungry for the babyless. No bueno in Ben’s book. But they sure were adorable with their huge eyes, droopy cheeks and heart-melting smiles…ooohh! Let me tell ya, it is NOT an easy task making those babies happy in front of the camera. As soon as you put them under the spot light, the smile that was there just a few seconds ago is suddenly gone and you have no choice but to jump up and down like a possessed monkey, making cooing noises until that smile returns. Grab a rattle. Wiggle a stuffed animal. Snap your fingers. Leave them a trail of gummy treats. Do whatever it takes! Cause no happy baby = no happy picture = no photos for packaging and PR :(

** Weeds Season 4 spoiler alert**

Speaking of babies, Ben and I just saw the season 4 finale of Weeds and guess who has a bun in the oven? Si senor. Nancy (slutticious) Botwin. Queen of the sluts who’s slept with….what….5 guys so far in the span of four seasons? *Wiggles finger* Oh you naughty Nancy you! The show might as well be called Nancy’s Body because that’s what’s really selling ;)


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