Bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word

So I confess. I might have a tiny (ever-growing) obsession with birds. Bird figurines mostly, but I’ve been incorporating them into other aspects of my life like the patterns I make for work or even wedding stuff. They are just so darn cute. Chubby birds in particular (we have a chubby chicken sculpture by our TV, two chubby ceramic sparrows on our shelf, Mr. Owl who sits in front of the entertainment center and a real bird that’s making a nest above our upstairs bathroom). Charming.

Bird. That was Bambi’s first word. Also Ben’s first word (where did all these B words come from?) Birds are from the class “Aves” which is funny because “Avery” is the only baby name that Ben and I both kind of like so far (not that we’re thinking of having babies anytime soon…no no no…burn that thought out of your mind). We also learned that birds are the only living descents of dinosaurs which is pretty amazing. I know…this bird thing is getting out of control.

But really, this past year has been the year of BIRDS. They are everywhere. I mean, Twitter?? Come on. And just to prove it to you, I took pictures of my most recent trip to Hobby Lobby. Wherever you turn, there they are. An end cap of roosters. A bird in a bird cage. Birds on frames next to the words Live, Love, Laugh, Family, Faith, Believe, Dream…blah blah blah. They are taking over this world, one craft store at a time. Entering our homes and nesting on our shelves, our kitchen counters…what’s next…the toilet seat cover? Probably. Sad thing is that I LOVE it. China should come up with a Year of the BIRD cause they are so much cooler than bunnies and dragons. They wake us up in the morning with friendly chirps and decorate our cars with their crap. Eliminate the chicken and there goes half our diet.

The bird. Man’s (true) best friend.



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