the “A” factor

This weekend, we were on a mission. Find Lenny or find another possible candidate to adopt. And by adopt, we mean a dog. A pupster. A bowwow. A canine companion to love and to hold during these long, harsh Logan winters. Long story short: Lenny is an Australian Shepherd that we fell in love with back in Feb/March. Chance brought the three of us together at Pet Smart and since then, we’ve been referring to Lenny as though he was already ours. Sometimes, Ben and I will be talking about boring adult stuff when all of a sudden, one of us chimes “Lenny!!!” and the other one follows in an equally whiny voice “Leeeennnnyy.” So we’re trying to fix that problem. Fill the “gap” in our lives. Save a life and become masters of a furry creature that we hope will bring about excessive happiness, calm and exercise into our humdrum days.

As it turns out, we didn’t find Lenny but we did run into Bingo. He’s officially our new favorite beagle/pug mix, sure to melt any human’s heart. I still remember his short stubby legs, curly pug tail and soft, pliable fur. Watch a video of him sniffing around! P.S. That’s not my voice in the background.

He was brought in by a non-profit charity called Second Chance for Homeless Pets and you can visit their site at I love that this group is a non-kill facility, dedicated to ending the homeless pet epidemic through adoptions, spay/neuter and education.

Since the animals at SCHP aren’t in any immediate danger of being put down, we definitely wanted to visit the humane society in Murray. Oh boy, there were so many animals!! So many that needed love and attention and not enough people to give it to them. My heart completely went out to all those guys and like any 10 year old kid, I wished I could take them all home and bathe them with love. Give each animal a bubble bath. Line them up on a long dining room table and feed them chow. Besides dogs, there were cats, ferrets, rabbits and other small rodents, all in need of a home.

We checked out the dogs first and just kind of walked up and down the aisles, peering into every cage. You can tell some of them have been there for a while which means they have less time to live…a devastating truth that I don’t want to accept.

We finally picked a dog to take outside for a walk – a medium sized black (Australian Shepherd?) that we thought was named Laika at the time :) Sad thing is that she did very little to impress us and wasn’t interested at all in what we thought. But she sure was happy to be outside. We took her into a fenced area (separate from the other sick dogs) and tried playing around with her but to no avail. There was another dark chocolate dog in there with us (a very sweet but slobbery guy) who seemed to love our presence. If he wasn’t so big, we might’ve considered adopting him!

A dog that was in another fenced area...very fat but sweet

Eventually we visited the kitties and there was one that I felt drawn to. He had huge eyes that reminded me of the Cheshire cat, though this picture doesn’t do him justice. If I wasn’t so allergic, maybe :(

I left the shelter feeling mildly defeated and guilty because we hadn’t found a pup that was right for us. No success story that day but hopefully we will have one by this summer, as soon as we return from our Paris trip. On a lighter note, I got my nails done for the first time at Crystal Nails (French manicure) and I can’t stop looking at them! Gorgeous but sure to have a short life span.

As for Ben, he reconnected with his old love. Unicycling.


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