sugar strike

I am cutting sweets out of my diet for the entire week, starting today. That includes heavenly things like ice cream, cup cakes, chocolates, pop tarts, sugary cereals, ding dongs, COFFEE and more. Oh gawd. Don’t know if I can do it. Already having withdrawals (which I’m trying to drown out with cups of water). Bethany, my sister-in-law-to-be, asked me if I wanted to do this with her and of course I was like “Sure!” I take this as a challenge…a digestive obstacle course that I will brag about for years to come if I succeed.

And of course, the one day where I ban myself from sweets is the day Kellyn brings home-made cotton candy to share with the office. Poopy!! But that’s okay cause come this Saturday, I’ll be able to engorge on beautiful, blessed, rapturous CHOCOLATE like never before. I just need to last the week. Keep myself distracted at work…away from the kitchen. Good thing I have a giant metal table standing in my way or else I’d be parading in there every 10 minutes, like a steady contraction.


One thought on “sugar strike

  1. Cassie Glade says:

    Yay! I love your blog!

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