a not-so-sweet day

Day 2. No sweets.

Twas a hard and rigorous Tuesday, sitting through design meeting for six and a half hours with a bowl of candy displayed right in front of me. Oh how I lusted after that silver bowl of cheap American sweets. But I resisted. No kit kats in this belly. I ate a BANANA instead. That’s right. Also went through half a bag of carrots which is unheard of for me.

But later that evening, we went out to Chili’s with our buddy Peter and that’s what really killed me. I realized I couldn’t have any molten chocolate cake OR raspberry lemonade. I just about gave in and nearly embraced my sinful, sugar-whore self again. But I didn’t. Instead I settled for the Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers (tossed in a honey-chipotle sauce and served with corn on the cob, home-style fries and ranch dressing) which I guess was sufficient. But nothing beats the molten chocolate cake. Nothing :(

On a “sweeter” note, happy birthday to my sister Tasha who turns 25 today! Whoop!

On a gross note…
I’m getting a kick out of Ben who is sitting in the office next to me, watching a cadaver getting dissected on a YouTube video (starting with the skin). They must have just cut the testicular area cause Ben is making frightened, school girl noises. Now they are on tendons. All I know is that I could never donate my body to science knowing what they would do it. But if you’re the type that finds satisfaction in having your dead flesh filleted like sushi, then you should absolutely surrender your non-functioning self to doctors with heavy German accents. Ben defends it by saying that without discoveries like this, we would not have modern medicine as we know it. Touche.

I do like how the doctor described the brain though…”a miracle of organization.” Right after he dropped a fake brain on the ground to demonstrate just how a real one would SPLAT. Literally. No cranium and no protective membrane means our thinking junk would be good as jello.

P.S. the timezone on this thing has been wrong up till this post so sorry if the dates are misleading. They have been fixed ;)


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