something fishy

Day 3. No sweets.

But I had something better (muuuuch better). Raw fish. Sushi. A delicious network of ocean meat, starch and glorified algae that people pay up the wazoo for. I’d like to know who came up with this. Here’s the result of my twenty-second research:

“Although Sushi is most commonly linked to the Japanese heritage, it actually began in China during the 7th Century. At that time, any fish caught had to be preserved. The only method possible was by fermentation. Raw fish was cleaned, filleted and then pressed between layers of heavy salt and usually weighted down with some type of stone. The fish would remain this way for weeks at which the stone would be removed and then replaced with some type of light cover. The fish would stay in the salt layers for a couple of months until the fermentation process was complete.” Taken from this ugly website.

As interesting as this sounds, I have a better theory. Two fisherman in ancient Japan are sitting around on their boat, picking their noses and watching fish flop around in their nets. One fisherman dares the other to grab a slippery flopper and bite a chunk out of it, Gollum style. Why? Cause it’s stupid and funny. Maybe Asian people had a weird sense of humor back in the days. Not gonna lie cause I’ve looked at fish food before and considered eating a pinch. Anyways, fisherman #1 says he’ll do it but asks if he can add rice to drown out the gross, fishy flavor. Fisherman #2 laughs and says “Go for it dude.” So fisherman #1 does, except he chickens out a little more and adds some other pretty flavoring like…I don’t know….sesame seeds and leftover eggs from lunch. He finally takes a bite. The thing is horrible. Nasty. But he chews it anyways with a smile, telling his buddy that it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. So his buddy tries one. It tastes equally grotesque but of course he’s not gonna admit it. So both of them chow down as much fish/rice as they can without admitting that it really and truly SUCKS butt. Rumor goes around the village of this new, wickedly divine dish fit for a king and it soon becomes an unreasonably priced delicacy that rich, Japanese businessmen now engorge. The end.

Maybe that’s why it’s an “acquired taste” just like escargot and monkey brains. But no matter cause today is Wednesday and Wednesdays are Ramen days at Takara. That means you can order a bowl of semi-spicy ramen with any crunch roll (it took us a while to determine what a “crunch” roll was). But before that, we had a little bit of saké (my first) and I must say….I was mildly impressed. But who cares! I got to eat an entire row of Mexican Crunch rolls (plus a few of Ben’s Golden California rolls) and that made me pleeenty full. And by “we” I mean our good friends Val, Greg, Ben and myself. We hang out with these guys probably more than anyone else and we always have a blast. Our gatherings usually involve food and sometimes a game or two (but never a picture!) which we were finally able to get tonight. Thanks guys for always hanging out with us two losers :)


3 thoughts on “something fishy

  1. Ben says:

    I thought you liked sushi?! From your “story” it makes it sound like you think it is disgusting.

    • Angella says:

      Haha, I do love sushi! It’s my favorite food in the WORLD besides Italian and Korean. But I didn’t like it the first time I tried. And you have to wonder how anyone even came up with such a random combination – fish, rice and seaweed?? It’s like…..mermaid food. But for asian mermaids (because of the rice).

  2. Val says:

    I think your theory is correct. It definitely was NOT appetizing the first time I tried it… it was definitely acquired. And made better by being deep fried.

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