a deinos day

Ever have one of those Saturdays that feel like a complete waste of a weekend? You wake up late, skip breakfast, lounge around on the couch, watch TV shows back to back and get a migraine from your complete lack of activity all the while hoping someone will call but no one does? Today was surely not one of those days. Why? Cause I had such a blast with Ben, Beth and Lady (my sister and mother-in-law-to-be!) down in Provo-shmovo. We were celebrating Beth’s graduation from BYU the only way we knew how. By going to see flowers, dinosaurs and stuffing our faces with cake of course!

Lovely Beth in her cap and gown

We hit Thanksgiving Point first and got to show the ladies our location of holy matrimony (the Tulip Festival is going on right now for Mother’s Day so the grounds were lovelier than ever). Just seeing the Loggia again made my insides feel all jittery and twisted with excitement. Kind of anxious too seeing as our wedding is less than a month away with our bridals coming up next Friday. *Battle cry*

Come to find out, Thanksgiving Point is quite the gathering place that fosters learning and entertainment for families and visitors (as their website assures us). We went into one of the coolest stores ever called the Emporium – a place where women lose themselves in pretty trinkets and men feel hopelessly lost. As Ben warily meandered through the maze of vintage dressers and shiny hair pins, we ladies ogled and inspected all the treasures this place had to offer. What kept me back from buying the whole store you ask? The numbers on the price tags. They were steep. Overpriced. Dizzying and uncalled for. But the bags, jackets, hats, head bands and jewelry were still so beautiful! More than anything I just wanted to take a chandelier home :(

Our next stop: The Art Institute! Who knew Thanksgiving Point had a glass blowing room? This place was amazing, full of strangely shaped orbs and….a glass Christmas tree? Yes. As Ben noted, “That would explain the Christmas music playing in the background.”

But the majority of our day was spent at the Museum of Ancient Life….with DINOsaurs! Yes, giant, dead fossilized things that would have eaten us without a moment’s hesitation. They totally deserved to be hit by an asteroid. I’m just kidding. But really…am I sad that they are no longer living? No. They were simply too big and too scary looking for this tiny blue planet. Our cold-blooded friends are better appreciated as bones, dry and immobile behind glass or welded to the ground for little children to point and drool over…or sometimes pet or sit on. If you’re curious, the word “dinosaur” is a combination of the Greek term “deinos” (meaning terrible, powerful, wondrous) and “sauros” (or lizard). Very fitting.

where dinosaurs are REALLY made

a terrifying snail/squid

This section was called the Head Game (you had to guess which skull belonged to which animal). Mooorbid.

the most gigantic turtle I have ever seen...nothing should ever be this big

Lesson learned: It is a good thing that dinosaurs are extinct, alive only in movies and Universal Studios. Know one wants to end up like this guy.

Last stop: The Chocolate! This place was literally called The Chocolate. A house/bakery that offered rich and scrumptious sweets (sold at alarming prices but still so yummy!) They even had hangout spots…places where you can lounge and privately stuff your face. We sat in a room upstairs with sweet furniture and fresh flowers. I love places like this!

Ben in a chocolate coma

And we will end it here with Ben, posing as Lisa. No offense to the art critiques, but there’s really nothing enigmatic about either of their smiles. She probably started out with a happy pose which, over a period of years (periodically), withered into a line that’s been misconstrued and overly celebrated. I mean, I make that face ALL the time yet I don’t ever get displayed in a climate-controlled, bullet-proof glass case. Boo.


4 thoughts on “a deinos day

  1. Val says:

    you make me laugh. i want to go see that room you guys were eating in, it looks adorable. and holy cow! ben looks just like his mother!

  2. Brit says:

    Your hair is really long! You are going to be such a beautiful bride! Sorry about the hacking phone call today!

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