all you need is love {and music}

Picking songs for your wedding. What a magical and nightmarish process. Shouldn’t picking songs be like picking flowers? Yes, but some of us are just awkward daisy pickers. I’ll tell you why it’s nerve wrecking. Music completely sets the tone for everything. Do we want to go with modern and cool? Traditional and safe? Hip and crazy? Tender and cheesy? 80’s? 90’s? Elvis? Bublé? Beatles? All of the above? None of the above? Do we even know what we want? Nope.

Choosing ceremony or background music isn’t too bad. Classical music has a way of lending itself well to many occasions, particularly weddings (and funerals). Take Pachelbel’s Canon in D for instance – an obvious choice for the processional. But choosing a song for the first dance? Observe the following:

Me: Hey babe, how do you feel about this song?
Ben: What is it?
Me: It’s that love song from Romeo + Juliet…Kissing You by Desree. I loooove it!
Ben: Oh my gosh. Ew. No…what’s wrong with her voice?

So that’s kind of how it played out. We’d listen to a song on and either cringe, shrug or politely laugh it off. Like that one song from Moulin Rouge…Come What May.

Me: *Listening to Ewan McGregor pour his heart out and smiling like an idiot cause I think it’s sweet*
Ben: Ugh, his voice is so annoying. Nope.
Me: Yeah..hahaha…isn’t it? (but secretly still in love with the song)

At one point, we played Death Cab for Cutie’s “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark” and I started tearing up. Nay. Weeping is more accurate. This has kind of been “our” song since…I don’t even remember (when the music video first came out and we were still doing long distance). But as much as we adore this tender whiff of nostalgia, how the eff do you dance to it?! There’s really no graceful and clever way. On top of that, Ben and I are both artless and uncomfortably bashful on the dance floor (we don’t even really dance….we kind of….sway? Like a retarded wave). So an un-danceable song is not what we needed. Sometimes it’s best to settle for some raw, classic rock and roll. Like that one band…sung by the father of an Elvish princess. You know the one…. :)


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