Boy are Mikki and Braydon fast! I checked the mail today and there it was. Our precious memories packed onto a CD packed into a flat package. If ever you need someone to take your engagement, bridal and/or wedding pictures, Captured Photography is your man (and woman!) I am so happy with each and every photo and will cherish these FOR-E-VER. Can I also just mention that we were freezing our butts off that day? I don’t know if it shows, but towards the end both Ben and I were chattering away, stiff and smiling like two frozen chicken patties (we eat those a lot so I thought I’d throw it in there). But really, the Secret Garden and the Italian Garden were my two favorite locations…so beautiful and full of color (thanks to the Tulip Festival held for Mother’s Day). Thank you Mikki and Braydon for being so patient, holding up my train and saving me from the twig-branch. See you in two weeks!


4 thoughts on “Bridals

  1. Tarynn says:

    You guys look great! :)

    So what kine shoes you wearing?

  2. Taryn says:

    Pointy one inch shoes?!?! Blasphemy!!!

    Oh and just so you know, I still haven’t found my red shoes yet. But don’t panic!!! If worse comes to worse, I’ll just find a shoe and spray paint it red. Hahahaha….ha…ha… :(

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