girl’s night out

To be honest, I never expected anyone to throw me a bachelorette party but I completely underestimated my friends. They are amazing beyond belief – not only did they reserve a hotel room and take me out to dinner but they threw in a whole scavenger hunt to spice up the night (and spice it up it did). I was competing against Ben to see which one of us could complete the most items on the list. Props to Val and Greg because that list was hilarious. Here are just some off the top of my head:

Get a kiss on the cheek from a stranger
Ask someone for a piggy back ride
Find a guy named Ben and take a fake engagement picture with him
Get 20 phone numbers on a t-shirt
Ask 5 people to write down their philosophy on marriage on a napkin
Start a conversation with a stranger about the war in Iraq
Steal a glass cup
Write down the number of someone you dislike on a bathroom wall
Take a picture with as many men in it as possible
Get serenaded
Have someone show you their belly button
Find someone with an out-of-state driver’s license
Find a man poster and take a picture of yourself (making out?) with it

Not sure who won, but I had a blast getting numbers from random men and watching my beautiful ladies get hit on by Bernie the Asian guy and Phil the not-so-designated driver who I still worry about. Shayla, Vicki and Val…THANK YOU for a much needed night of girly fun!

I cropped Phil out of this picture. I hope he doesn’t mind :)


One thought on “girl’s night out

  1. Val says:

    Ang this was so much fun! I am glad we did it and you made the scavenger hunt hilarious. I was a little nervous at first about how that would go, but I should have had more faith in you, lol.

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