the greatness behind dali, chaplin and zorro

I saw the most amazing product sold on Check it out:

“If you can’t grow a real one (or even if you can), a Plush Moustache is the next best thing. Pin this little Plushtache to your lapel for easy twiddling during conversational lulls. Keep it in your pocket for all day comfort. Sleep with it under your pillow and dream of hirsute companions.”

So. Amazing.

I’m not really sure why or from where my moustache fixation originated from. All I know is that I want one and would grow one in an instant if I were born a male child. A co-worker of mine and I were trying to figure out why mustaches are so great. She finally figured it out: “If you see a guy wearing a mustache, it tells us that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.” It’s a public gesture of fun and spontaneity. A conscious (and literal) extension of oneself that must be groomed, trimmed, combed, curled, styled, stroked and sometimes even braided daily (like a viking). They’re kind of like pets (but attached to your face). Here are just some existing styles out there:

My mustache complex peaked in 2007 so much so that I applied one on myself with black acrylic paint and wore it all day. In college. Sophomore year at UH. A friend participated with me and we both thought it was pretty grand (you end up forgetting that you’re wearing one! Although the people around you don’t…)

Do yourself (and others) a favor. Grow one. Make it a DIY project. If possible, make it look as outrageous as possible cause it just might make someone’s day. If just half the world grew silly mustaches, think about how many smiles that would create. Grow a mustache – Change a life. Like this guy (he has an out of control Watson!)


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