stuffed and loaded

A few days ago, one of my co-workers had a baby shower and I had no idea what to get her (ironic because we work in the baby industry). I always wanted to buy someone a Dwell Studio stuffed animal but those run $36 a piece! So to save a few dozen bucks I went out, bought some sewing junk and made my own hand-stitched (lopsided) plushies. Owls to be exact. I thought it would be cute to lay them in a woven basket along with a couple of other small gifts and tie it off with a cute ribbon. Voila! The stuffed animals can be used as decorative items around the nursery (on a shelf, in the crib, etc.) and the basket can be re-used.

I had so much fun making stuffed owls that I kept sewing more and more (for practice sake). I’m hoping to one day sell them on Etsy, packaged and all. I finally made one today that I feel is somewhat worthy of being sold (my 6th owl so far). His name is Namoo and he runs $15 (a reasonable price I hope…I was debating whether to go cheaper?) He stands approximately 6.5″ tall and 5.5″ wide (about 3″ depth).

All stuffed owls will be made out of cotton fabric, felt and buttons stuffed with Poly-fil (a polyester fiberfill). If anyone is interested in purchasing Namoo, feel free to email me at! I will be making a few more owls with different patterns and colors (also one that’s a larger size) so keep checking the blog for updates. MoonCake is a business name that I’ve been playing around with in my head (if I ever make it to Etsy that is). My sister and her mom are in the process of opening up their Etsy store and I’m super excited for them (they’ll be specializing in hand-made jewelry and greeting cards). A very talented duo…I’m working on their logo now so we’ll see how that turns out!


2 thoughts on “stuffed and loaded

  1. Taryn says:

    Holy cow, that’s amazing Ang! Dude… you should go for it! But seriously, MOONCAKE?! The name’s pretty cute I guess, but have you ever tasted those things? lol As you know, our landlords are Chinese so they give those thingies to us every year. And I am pretty much against Chinese food. Except for their custard cups.

    I’m still debating about my pricing too. People keep telling me to go higher, but I don’t want them to be too pricey. Aw man, I could spend hours on Etsy, looking at other people’s stuff and how they package things.

    Reading this post just got me so inspired! Thanks again Ang, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! :D

    • Thanks dude!!! Haha, to be honest I’ve never actually TASTED moon cake (I only know of the story of the Jade Rabbit who lives on the moon and pounds mochi). Yeah, figuring out a price is tricky because you want to make some profit but at the same time you ask yourself “if I was a consumer, how much would I really pay for a product like this?” Ah! I finally settled for $15 because that’s actually how much I’d be willing to pay (plus there’s shipping costs which ultimately make it around $18). But your jewelry is so beautiful and intricate that I would not make it as leniently inexpensive as mine :D Etsy is so wonderful…I too can spend HOURS on that thing.

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