into the woods

I probably should be going to bed now but I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t post a little something about our recent camping adventure! Greg, Val, Ben and I drove out to Blacksmith Fork Canyon (7 miles south of Logan) where we lived amongst the trees for three days and three nights (4th of July weekend). The bullet-point-summary of our venture (and by bullet point I mean hyphen):

– Set up camp next to a stream and made a designated bathroom spot (complete with a toilet seat and bucket! Complements to Ben for the iPoop)
– My left calf became the hot spot for bugs to munch on
– We skipped stones on a spring and forced the boys to walk into freezing water. Just like we forced them to eat dog food.
– We saw a ga-zillion butterflies and I even got to hold one in my hand! (it was actually dying…Ben “set it free” by gently propelling it into a bush on the 4th of July)
– All able-bodied citizens hiked up Richard’s Trail in hopes of seeing a waterfall. An elderly Schnauzer and a 13-week-old puppy proved to be better than me at walking. My fear of heights also forced me to stoop to such a lowly level where I shamefully had to ask Ben to hold my hand :(
– Boston tackled a bear! Doggy style.
– We discovered a fun little game where you pick any book/movie title and replace one of the nouns with an inappropriate word that I choose to censure. Hint: it starts with a V and almost rhymes with “piranha.” Hm, not really.
– Watermelons should not be left in fire pits. The seeds do, in fact, pop aggressively.
– Mice are filthy thieves that crawl into any crevice including laundry baskets and grills. They also leave gifts in red plastic bowls :(

I left camp looking like a crazed hobo with no knowledge of where my cell phone was. I’m not even sure how I managed to restrain my bowel movements for two and a half days. But I sure did have a good time! There’s nothing better than coming home after a camping trip and washing off crusty layers of dirt and dead skin on every square inch of your body. Mmmm.


4 thoughts on “into the woods

  1. Taryn says:

    Haha! So funny, Ang. On 4th of July (Raul’s birthday), we went hiking at Diamond Head and I almost died. I found out that I’m terrified of heights also. Plus, the elevation was making me feel
    nauseous to the max!

    • I know right! Something about dangling on the edge, thousands of feet above the ground. It’s just not natural for humans to be so high up (just like it’s not natural for people to run marathons) :)

  2. Cortni Crump says:

    Girl! Love the blog! You know Greg and Val? I love those two!

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