mystery express

I kid you not. This is the most piddling package I’ve ever received from FedEx. Piddling is a new word I learned meaning teeny. Pocket-sized. Runty. Pitiful. Everyone in the office got one and we all puzzled over its deviant littleness. Kind of like seeing miniature furniture for doll houses – they’re pretty amazing considering that some people hand craft them, but they’re still unnaturally small and therefore creepy. Guess what’s inside and I’ll give you a shrunken pony! That was a lie no doubt. Everyone knows shrunken ponies do not exist.

But shrunken heads do…


4 thoughts on “mystery express

  1. Taryn says:

    So what was in it???

  2. charliejuan says:

    chewy! ha! ha! ha!

    hi, i just discovered you, i like the way you write! =D

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