a dream come true

I made a mistake watching Inception. Watching it alone that is. I left the theater mentally stirred with no one to talk to, and since Ben’s absent for the next five days I have no choice. It’s going into the pantry.
** Some spoilers lie ahead, so Inception-virgineers beware! **

Lets see. Some thoughts that ran through my mind while it was being blown away for two hours:

1) I’m really afraid to dream tonight
2) What would my totem be? If you don’t remember, a totem has to be a tiny personal object carried around to keep you in check so you know if you’re awake or dreaming. Cobb’s totem was a spinning, metal top that eventually stopped spinning in reality but spun indefinitely in dreams. It has to be something unique…
I got it. A polly pocket.
3) I’ve actually experienced a dream within a dream. In the first dream level, I was telekinetic. Then I woke up in my room (second dream level) and I was REALLY telekinetic. Then I woke up for real, realized I wasn’t telekinetic and sulked for twenty minutes in bed, trying to fall back into the dream. I haven’t been telekinetic since.
4) The Parisian bistro that Adriadne and Cobb were sitting at in her test-dream, right before the series-of-explosions…I think Ben and I passed that spot on our honeymoon. All the bistros kind of look the same so who knows.
5) Ken Watanabe will always be a samurai in my eyes, just as Jake Gyllenhaal will always be a gay American cowboy
6) Stop spinning, stop spinning! (my final thought regarding the top just before the end credits)
7) Ben, don’t you ever pull off an inception with me because chances are, it will work and I will have to bring you doooowwwn (literally, like in the movie only except I’ll be wearing something much cooler. Like a Batman suit with a big black cape that opened up when I jumped, thus softening the blow and ruining my suicide attempt. Our movie will be called Inception-FAIL)
8) I need to take Curie to the dog park (non relevant to the film but an equally critical thought at the time)

This movie had a ton of visual ambitions and I think it’s fair to say that the effects were hypnotizing (city landscapes falling perpendicular to each other, M.C. Escher-like staircases, etc.) Most of all, I loved that director Nolan tried to keep the computer graphics to a minimum (according to Wiki) and built as much of it as possible – something we’re lacking in films nowadays (why can’t we just go back to puppets like in The Labyrinth? Hm?) But I kept thinking…no matter how explosively mind-blowing this film tried to be, in no way did it remotely compare to a real dream experience. What you see on screen will never be….weird enough. Know what I mean? It can never be as raw and unhinged as an actual dream. Like most of you, my dreams never make any sense. It’s full of naked people and old classmates I could care less about. Sometimes I can fly (more like glide from point to point which makes me sick to my stomach) or breathe under water if I’m not holding my breath in my sleep. Sometimes I’m being chased by a really scary monster and I’m too embarrassed to talk about it when I wake up because the memory of the “scary monster” suddenly seems stupid when I’m awake. Sometimes I’m being chased by freaky people, running for my life. Other times I see my unborn children who look terrible and deformed. Basically, there is no script, no logic and no objective behind my dreams – they truly are random and frightening. I guess the dream perspective in Inception made too much sense to me. They were beautifully bizarre but still too structured (which it kind of has to be I guess because audiences demand a plot that they can follow…something to rationally pick and peel at like The Matrix or Memento). That would be my only negative critique for this film.

I end with this review:

“Inception is a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind. This summer your mind is the scene of the crime.”

Architecture of the mind…scene of the crime. I like that :)


3 thoughts on “a dream come true

  1. Dana Fisher says:

    Almost the whole time I was reading this entry I felt like I was reading thoughts I had. I saw inception last night and was reeling for a while after. Then I had insane dreams all night long. I flew through the air with my entire family and a full shopping cart. I was at a wedding where most of the girls in attendance were wearing their wedding dresses and standing in stadium seating. On the whole very strange, which makes me agree with you very much that the dreams were too structured in that movie. But then again isn’t it one of their main objectives to make it less like a dream so that the person they are trying to penetrate doesn’t get suspicious. Food for thought… I will definitely be thinking about that movie some more!

    • Excellent observation! But even when Leo told Fischer that he was dreaming, it still didn’t get too weird. Gravity kind of got whacked and people stared at them, but there was no flying!! It seems like so many people have flying dreams :)

      • Dana Fisher says:

        You have an excellent point there, not quite weird enough. One thing I really liked was when Dom would ask people how they got to where they were and that is pretty true of dreams, you always seem to just show up in the middle of everything that is going on.

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