a “clear” fascination

So I like clear things. Things that are transparent – glass, liquids, you name it. Err, that’s a weird fascination you got there Ang (you’re probably thinking). Well, it all started when I was a tot, probably 1 or 2 years of age. I had this clear, gel-filled teether that I thought was the most beautiful thing in the world. Something about the way light reflected off of it intrigued me and ever since then, my pupils dilate at the sight of water drops, gummy bears, chandeliers, bubbles, snow globes, ice cubes, syringes, contact lenses, fish bowls, liquid soaps, Cinderella’s glass slipper…you name it. I even love those glassy roll-over buttons and scroll bars that Apple uses and started making my own in Illustrator about two years ago for interface designs. I knew my fascination was at its peak when Ben and I were strolling through the Louvre and all I could marvel at were still-life paintings of reflective wine goblets and clear flower vases (Da Vinci was good too I guess).

The other day, I came across a conceptual photo of a glass toaster (a very genius idea by the way because you can see the exact point of burning) and it’s like I…..imprinted. Can’t believe I just made a Twilight reference (someone shoot my knee cap) but you get what I’m saying. I was hypnotized. I felt compelled to find other photos of transparent objects and was thrilled to find all these beautiful, clear oddities:

a TV/speaker system in case you can't tell

If there is a word for this kind of a fascination, please let me know. At least then I won’t feel like such a freak :)


8 thoughts on “a “clear” fascination

  1. Taryn says:

    You know what you forgot?!?!?!

    Dave Grohl’s clear guitar in Foo Fighter’s “All My Life” music video! Such a cool guitar! ;-)

    • I know! I actually looked it up but couldn’t find any decent pictures that I liked. Maybe I wasn’t searching right (but I know there’s a ton of other cool things out there that I missed).

  2. Dana Fisher says:

    I think your mind is fascinating. I love the way you think of random things, but you don’t leave it at that you follow up by searching it out. That is awesome to me, sometimes I sit and wish I was more like you…I’m not kidding :) If I could have any of those things I would choose the clear canoe/kayak thing.

    • Oh Dana, how I love you. Hey, you aren’t queen of the crazies for nothing. Your mind is an amusement park too! And I agree. That canoe thing is awesome (unless you are surrounded by sharks…not something I wanna see swimming beneath my bum). Har har.

  3. Melisma says:

    Ooh! Once I heard a guy play a glass violin. It was radmatazz.

  4. I never noticed how much I like see through stuff too until I saw this post!!!
    That round chair is awesome, I’d take one of those clear or not!
    The phone is a marvel. No way that is real!!!
    The fridge would give someone an excuse to make the insides look super pretty and organized.
    Kayak, toaster, and tea kettle are awesome <3

  5. myabbeyroad says:

    WOw!!I need those chairs!

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