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Last night something strange happened…

After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen’s novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress’s face…

Then it hit me! Frances O’Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louise Parker, the suburban, drug-dealing widow in Weeds! Look here:

Eh, eh?? :D

This uncanny resemblance made me think of all the other actors out there who have mysterious twins unbeknown to them. So of course I had no choice – I conducted a full celebrity-doppelganger chase lasting two nights which resulted in the following comparisons. Please know that I find these entirely creepy and am convinced that the Caucasian race is just as impossible to differentiate as the Asian race (or so people think):

Keira Knightly VS Natalie Portman

Katy Perry VS Zooey Deschanel

Linda Cardellini VS Ellen Page

Ryan Phillippe VS Justin Timberlake

Naomi Campbell VS Tyra Banks

Nelly Furtado VS Courtney Cox

Heath Ledger could pass as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s older brother imo

Benecio del Toro VS Brad Pitt

Bono VS Robin Williams

Emily Osment VS Carrie Underwood

Bradley Cooper VS Ralph Fiennes (aka VOLDEMORT)

Isabelle Adjani VS Monica Bellucci (imo two of the most beautiful actresses ever to grace this earth…the 80’s and 90’s were good to them)

Chad Smith VS Will Ferrell

Jodie Foster VS Helen Hunt VS Leelee Sobieski (triple kill!)

After this search, I felt a little……empty inside. Where was MY twin? Is there a celebrity in this world who has the misfortune of resembling me? I had to do one last thing. I had to find my very OWN doppelganger. Friends, this was a hard task. You may not realize it, but we Asians do not all look alike. No, not even remotely. Lucy Liu is a beautiful woman but I do not look like her.

So I searched and searched. Googled and googled. I even went on facedouble.com for some guidance but to no avail (they tried tricking me into thinking that I looked like Maggie Q and…..Lucy Liu :( But then it occurred to me….slowly. I figured it out! You see, most Asian actresses have tiny frames with heart-shaped faces and delicate chins. Turns out Gong Li (The Emperor and the Assassin, Memoirs of a Geisha, Farewell My Concubine) actually has a round face just like mine with a more angular jaw structure. She’s of Chinese background but comes closer to looking like me than most Korean actresses. See here:

She is far too beautiful to be compared to that lowly peasant on the left, but that’s as close as it gets. If any of you find my doppelganger, please inform me immediately.

243 thoughts on “celebrity look-alikes

  1. Haha this is so funny, I had never realised how many looky likeys there were out there!!!!

  2. nicolettesnotes says:

    I had lots of fun reading this entry!


  3. ejphotoart says:

    OMG! This is creepy…

  4. inkspeare says:

    Wow, this is great, and eerie. OMG! it looks like an alien invasion taking over people’s bodies, or even cloning – this is crazy and funny – great post, I truly enjoyed it – great job!

  5. moots says:

    think anna torv and cate blanchett!

  6. You make a good case!

  7. I read your “about” page and then realized you are in Logan Utah, and that reminds me of a situation where I thought everyone looked alike…

    I lived in Logan for two years – and I had a hard time telling people apart. Not only were most people white, but most were either blonde or redhead with blue or green eyes. They dressed mostly the same, and acted mostly the same. Most people I saw on a regular basis had at least one “twin” somewhere in town that confused me at some time. I attributed the Logan problem to a smaller gene pool and culture that encourages adherence to certain standards of dress and manners. Perhaps part of the celebrity look-a-like phenomenon is the culture of hollywood and celebrities that necessitates everyone have the latest fashions, plastic surgery, and hair trends. If you saw them in their “natural states”, they may not look anything alike.

    • That is very true. And they even look different in different photos! I agree about Logan (or maybe Utah in general)…blonde hair, light-colored eyes, overly-sweet personalities, big trucks, plaid shirts. That’s how they roll.

    • Mrschristian says:

      I don’t tthink it has nything to do with plasic surgery, the reason celebs look alike in my opinion is that many of them just may be related, wether they know it or not, most people who now make it into show bis. are the children or relitives of celebs. that is natural, they would already have the natural talent, and the advantage of those relationships, even if they are second third or fouth or even tenth cousins, they will still have an in, check out celeb. family tees to see if I’m right. or like some say it could be coincedence, but I don’t think so, I believe that they are sharing the same gene pool, something like a small town where everyone is related or almost, not everyone who has talent makes it into hollywood, they are choosen, find out if I’m right or wrong.

  8. gringation says:

    I had never even thought of most of those… Katy Perry and Zooey have always freaked me out though haha.

    My celeb twin is Julia Styles… it’s actually kinda creepy.

    Fun post!

  9. addidesu says:

    If I remember correctly, Kiera Knightly actually played Natalie Portman’s “double” in Star Wars (Keira was the decoy Queen Amidala while Natalie was the true queen dressed as a servant, known as Padme).

    As someone who is of (half) Asian descent, I totally get irked when people make that “y’all look alike” statement, if even jokingly, but the same feelings arise when people say it about Caucasians (my other half). However, you’ve really caught on to something here….some of these celebrities really do look eerily alike. Shoot, if I’m mixed, have I doubled or halved my chances of having a doppleganger?! I want one too!

  10. Wow some of those are scary identical. It must have taken forever to put thos together.

  11. Rivki says:

    Wow! That is completely creepy, and I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to find pics of the celebs which so clearly highlight the doppelganger-ness. Good luck on finding your double. :)

  12. I love this post. Some of those are amazing. And I do that all the time. It drives me crazy. There is an actress on one of the soaps who looks like Angelina Jolie, etc etc etc. I notice this all the time. And, hey, you look like a celeb yourself!

  13. jeremywaite says:

    What a wonderful post! Made me smile. So scary though. Especially Robin Williams as Bono! Keep up the fine writing and great dopplegangers! :)

  14. Tati says:

    We had the same idea!!! hahahahaha

  15. Tony Miller says:

    Some of these I had seen on places before, but there were some I hadn’t heard about yet. A couple that are higher profile like Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman. I’ve known this one since both of them were in Star Wars: Episode 1. Knightly was one of Natalie’s hand maidens and was used as her double at various points in the movie.

    The Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel is funny because of how much Zooey hates being compared to her. I think she’s heard it way too many times and just got tired of it, but they’re nearly identical.

    I think it’s funny how if you look at these people’s pictures seperately it’s very easy to tell, in most cases, who you’re looking at, but if you put their pictures side by side it’s crazy how much alike some of these people look.

  16. dtrasler says:

    Hey, GREAT post! I had a moment of “YES!” when I saw the Katie Perry/ Zooey Deschanel picture because it had been bugging me why I thought Ms Perry looked familliar when I haven’t been a big fan of hers. Those eyes…. And the Leelee Sobieski Triplets were a revelation too. Good luck in your doppelganger search, although I think there’s some value to be had in being unique.

  17. Sunflowerdiva says:

    Great, great, great post!
    I, too, am Asian, and I’ve often looked at all those famous Chinese actresses in hopes that I can find my look-alike. But you’re right–it’s super hard.
    I thought that most of the “twins” you picked really DO look alike, it’s almost scary!
    Congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  18. shaylafish says:

    It is really weird how similar everyone can be. I mean those are just celebrities who look like celebrities. Think about the whole world of look a likes. We probably have plenty of dopplegangers ourselves. It is a strange thing.

  19. interesting and they say i look like barack obama. maybe i should post a pic as well :–)

  20. izziedarling says:

    This is great … so interesting, love when that happens. What about Leah Michaels (sp) and Idina Menzel?

    • You’re right! And they’re both beautiful, oooof course.

    • katie o. says:

      izzie- i’m with you! and the other night, leah even looked like ANOTHER celebrity! heck, there’ve been times where i’ve confused one photoshopped version of j-lo with brit brit.

      and the comparison between katy perry and zooey deschanel is a bit eerie.

      what a great post! so much fun!

  21. Todd Pack says:

    Ha! I had to look twice to make sure you hadn’t run 2 pictures of Will Farrell and Bradley Cooper. Good call on Bono and Robin Williams, too.

    Useless trivia: Keira Knightly played Natalie Portman’s “decoy” in The Phantom Menace.

  22. joshuasphilosophy says:

    This is seriously awesome!

  23. Vendetta says:

    I’ve been compared to Parker Posey at times, and most recently since going blonde again to Katherine Heigl. I never could see looking like Parker Posey, maybe that was more a personality thing. But I can actually see the Heigl resemblance, kinda creepy actually, I’m like her minime, isn’t she like 5’9″ or something? I’m only 5’5″.

  24. Kasi says:

    Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are the greatest look alikes!

  25. lampoondish says:

    that’s probably one of the best compilations of showbiz lookalikes..some even with similar poses(??).
    i now can fully realise isabelle adjani and monica belluci (esp when theyre advertising for watch brands) are two distinct human beings.

  26. […] Posted September 2, 2010 by zafirah in Uncategorized. Tinggalkan Komen Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  27. This is hilarious! I don’t think I have a celebrity Doppelganger…but I’ve been told that there is a fitness instructor in my city that looks like me. I laugh, as I don’t quite know how a fitness instructor could be mistaken for me…but alas…with so many individuals on the planet, we’re bound to look like someone…even just a little bit. Great post!

  28. ________ says:

    hey !
    firstly I think you’re damn pretty there in the last photo.

    anyway , LOVE your post ! :)

  29. Olivia says:

    I know I might get killed, but I have always kind of felt these two sets to be look alikes..
    1- Katy Perry VS Zooey Deschanel
    2- Nelly Furtado VS Courtney Cox

    They look like twin sisters- OMG- Emily Osment VS Carrie Underwood

    In India, I have always believed that Suchitra Sen, MadhuBala and Madhuri Dixit could be compared with each other.. well.. thats one for for sure..

  30. Wow, the photos you’ve found show *amazing* likeness between these celebrities. A few of them I was aware of as I’d get sometimes get them confused. But others (Linda Cardellini VS Ellen Page – holy cow!) were a revelation.

  31. What a great obsessive quest. Fun post and congrats on being freshly pressed.

  32. goldenpast says:

    I’ve ALWAYS thought Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked alike!
    It’s insane how much they look like each other!
    I love both of em! :)

  33. Interesting comparisons…I had always thought Zooey Deschanel looked exactly like Katy Pery, btw “500 Days of Summer” starring Zooey is a must see movie.

  34. sleepyfrog76 says:

    I only really thought about a couple of these before. You’re research is AMAZING. :) heh. And yeah, Heath Ledger could totally be Joseph Gordon-Leavitt’s older brother. Remember about a year ago when everyone was finding their celebrity doppleganger and posting it on Facebook? yeah, I could never come up with one. And no one I asked for help with could come up with one, either. Guess I’m unique. As far as the “all Asians look alike”… I just think everyone looks alike. I’m so bad with faces. It takes me weeks and months of knowing someone before I can distinguish them. I used to tell my students that the only way I knew who they were was if they stayed in the same seat, wore the same clothes every day, and always had their instrument in their hand (I taught band and orchestra). Funny, they just wouldn’t do all three things.

    Oh, and hey! You live in Logan? I lived in Preston for 3 years. Yay for Cache Valley! ;)

  35. GKrishnan says:

    Hey, great stuff, but can you start at the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe with the Hunchback of Notre Dame ?

  36. Those were some great look-a-likes! Nice post!

  37. …what about Yunjin Kim from Lost. You have similar features.

  38. Bodhirose says:

    You did a great job here–it was fun. I’ve always thought that Zooey Deschanel looks like a young Debra Winger–almost identical. Go check it out…

  39. ellejay419 says:

    Love it!
    Mine is… Paris Hilton *sigh*
    It used to be Christina Aguilera back when she was the new girl in town also.

  40. Wow, awesome post! I especially love the Keira Knightley vs. Natalie Portman one – so true, and I feel like I’ve always seen that but it never really quite registered. And I think Gong Li is an excellent doppelganger for you…you’re both very pretty and definitely have the same bone structure.

    – Halie

  41. rtcrita says:

    I always thought Nelly Furtado looked a little like Courtney Cox. But now I know why I was always getting Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman mixed up. I knew it wasn’t might fault!

  42. Mereen says:

    Wow, awsome ‘research’! These people look just like distant twins!

  43. Tina says:

    The only one I don’t agree with is Jodie Foster/Helen Hunt but only because you have Leelee Sobieski in the frame as the triple. I still can’t believe they (HH & LS) haven’t been picked up to do a movie as mother and daughter or sisters or something because it is UNCANNY how much they look alike. Also the Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel comparison, wow. I am not sure which rock I’ve been living under to not have seen that before! Awesome post!

  44. Evie Garone says:

    Cool! I’d love to find my doppleganger. You did a great job, you yourself are lovely & will find yours I’m sure if you keep on trying. You were close with your choices. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  45. petunia says:

    I think you should add Laura Linney to the Jodie Foster/ Helen Hunt/ Leelee Sobieski group, and Jennifer Connelly to the Nelly Furtado/ Courtney Cox match. (Maybe even Carrie-Anne Moss [“Trinity” from *The Matrix*], as well?]

    Of course, all of these people don’t look identical in certain photos, but when I first saw the picture of Nelly Furtado, I really thought it was Jennifer Connelly!

    Cool post!

    And, by the way, YOU are gorgeous! I could barely distinguish you from the celeb, and *not* [only] because I’m Caucasian. ;-)

  46. Catherine says:

    Too funny! And good work on this. Must have taken quite a bit of time. I particularly like the triple kill of Jodie Foster VS Helen Hunt VS Leelee Sobieski. I’ve actually gotten them confused before!

  47. Brooke says:

    You really did your homework! And I never realized Zooey and Perry looked so much alike – creepy similar.

  48. Courtney says:

    Wow, good eye!

    It’s not a perfect match by any means, and she only qualifies as a celebrity in DC (where I’m from), but I think you look a bit like a young Michelle Rhee. (She runs the DC public schools.)

  49. pbandchutney says:

    wow nice finds!! I actually said “whoah” out loud to the following:
    – Katy Perry & Zooey Deschanel
    – Bradley Cooper & Ralph Fiennes

  50. elisajoy says:

    this is interesting!! emily osment and carrie underwood…would’ve never thought until you put the two pictures together. people say I look like anne hathway. i think i can handle that! haha

  51. Joseph says:

    My wife looks like Kirsten Dunst… which is totaly awesome. Of course my wife isn’t a celeb so I don’t know if that counts for this subject but that’s what made me think about it.

  52. My friends and I just had multiple “WOAH!” moments reading this. Major applause on putting all this together.

    Random, but when I was in Germany this summer, my host-sister looked exactly like Kiera Knightley… I just never considered that she looked like Natalie Portman, too!

  53. Mads says:

    this reminds me of theory that all humans are programmed to evaluate looks according to this mathmatical equation that has something to do with symmetry. so I suppose it makes sense that all of the “attractive” people would have similar bone structure and facial features

  54. milieus says:

    Anne Hathaway looks like Frances O’Connor too. That’s actually who I thought it was at first. And I used to think Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman are the same people. I still can never tell the difference. Which one was in A Knight’s Tale? Portman, right?

  55. J says:

    Wow its crazy that I see these people all the time in TV and Movies and never realized they looked like another actor/actress!

  56. Emily says:

    I’m pretty convinced that there are maybe 15 face shapes in the world and people fall into some variation of those shapes. Maybe there are even less than $15. Your excellent research proves it. Okay, maybe not proves it, but I’m willing to take that leap. :)

    I love Mansfield Park and am currently procrastinating (read: avoiding writing a paper) by watching similar fare (in this case it’s Daniel Deronda).

    I think Gong Li is quite a good match for you. Also, you are not a peasant…though I do love that word when used humourously. :)

  57. indigome33 says:

    Nice work – absolutely agree and Chad and Will – too funny. Btw, Mansfield Park – excellent movie!

  58. Well done, Lowly Peasant. Wonderful research! (Actually, you do look a bit like the gorgeous Gong Li. Her lips are more full than yours, though. Let us know if you find your double!)

  59. suzlipman says:

    I kept reading this saying, Yes, Yes, Yes! I thought I was just confusing various celebs as the new ones came along, but many really do look uncannily alike. (Thanks, in part, to some conscious styling and make-up, I’m sure.) Thanks for putting this together in a fun way and for helping me feel less alone in my celeb. confusion.

  60. Filmfeline says:

    Nice. You stole the whole idea from my web site hahahahaha

  61. Mollylogic says:

    Although this is really impressive and I do think that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschannel look alike, your Katie Perry picture is actually of Zooey. It may have been mismarked on whatever site you found it on. Their main difference is their nose and that is Zooey’s nose. I could be wrong here, but I am 99% sure that I’m not. Love to hear what you think.

  62. […] wonder why hadn’t I compiled this one earlier. Reading through celebrity look-alikes, and commenting; as if I got a push to press […]

  63. Shiney says:

    Wow! I didn’t even realize there were so many look-a-likes.

    The one that had made me do a double take was Chad Smith and Will Ferrell!

    At a glance I thought they were both Will…lol. Had to stare at it for a while to convince myself.

  64. pyrit says:

    I have also noticed the Bono/Robin Williams likeness in other photos, especially as Bono ages.

  65. beyang says:

    hey Chad Smith and Will Ferrell… I just realized they looked alike

  66. Daniel says:

    Great work. Very funny.

  67. LoryG says:

    Great post! I loved it! Just don’t let Naomi Campbell see it….she was not too kind to Tyra when she first started the catwalk!

  68. davbi says:

    Chances are someone has already said this, but Indina Menzel could be added to the Nelly Furtado/Courtney Cox mix.

    I’ve encountered dopplegangers of minevarious times. Weirdly enough, it’s mostly when I let my beard grow…

  69. […] by soyah621 in Uncategorized Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  70. […] by soyah621 in Uncategorized Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  71. Munira says:

    good job with the research! totally impressed :)

  72. Crystal says:

    that carrie underwood one was creepy! the two look so much alike. many of the other ones are pretty good too. not to sure about the tyra banks and naomi campbell one tho

  73. Luiza Salazar says:

    You forgot Matt Damon X Mark Wahlberg and Al Pacino X Andy Garcia

  74. Carolyn says:

    Thought I’d tell you of one more. Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester.

    Can’t attach pics. Have always thought this.

  75. Olivia says:

    Here’s the post. I have pressed it after reading your compilation.

  76. srqpix says:

    There is nothing new in the celebuverse. Just more of the same.

  77. brifney says:

    i loved this! it is creepy how much some of them look almost identical!

  78. I’ve been told I look like Austin Powers before, and I am a girl!!! :(
    I think it’s because I wear glasses, and the way I open my mouth when I laugh, bearing all my upper teeth. I get mad every time someone has told me that.

  79. rezuri says:

    Wow, this is crazy! Especially the Nelly Furtado and Carrie Underwood lookalikes! There’s only so many different combinations of faces and features in this world, so it makes sense.

    I always have friends saying “I said hi to you today and you didn’t say anything, and then I realized it was a girl who looked EXACTLY like you!” So, apparently I have my own twin walking around my campus and I’ve yet to meet her!

    Also, I agree with Thoughtpanty….I want cheekbones, damnit! Great post :)

  80. mc6pack says:

    Those look-alikes are really uncanny! Cool Post and congrats on Pressed.

  81. Summer Embee says:

    This is great . . . and a little creepy. I wish I had a celebrity doppelganger, but I don’t think they let people like me into the club!

  82. juleshaley says:

    This is awesome! I have always thought that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel were the same person! haha

  83. susulkhan says:

    Some of those actually look hotter than the original :)

  84. WOW LOL
    GREAT job, they all really really look a-like!

  85. vampiregran says:

    Well, she’s not Asian, but that photo of you (you are adorable, BTW) looks a bit like Valerie Bertonelli when she was younger. Great post and congrats on making the Freshly Pressed page.

  86. twotoned says:

    Hahahah this post gave me a laugh!

    Yeah I’m asian and I’m having a hard time finding a doppleganger for me. Hehhe where’s my twin!

    Also… you can compare the young Robert Redford to Brad Pitt… I think they both look alike.

  87. Pie says:

    This is really good work. Some of those lookie likeys are scarily similar. Funnily enough, I always thought Helen Hunt was a poor man’s Jodie Foster. Now you’ve confirmed it! We are not so different after all.

    I don’t have to search hard for dopplegangers as I have to concede to having the most flexible face in London. I get mistaken for so many people, it’s ridiculous. This regular case of mistaken identity will reach it’s natural conclusion when I find myself on the FBI’s most wanted list in the not too distant future…

  88. at one point I actually thought Madonna looked like Uma Therman!

  89. Amazing they really look alike they look like twins.

  90. mct88 says:

    oh wow. that’s insane!

  91. jodi k says:

    Great post! You really did a great job.

  92. shmode says:

    That is surreal! I never noticed it before, but you are so right. Good call!

  93. girl normal says:

    Wonderful, entertaining post. Just what I needed to see me through to the weekend. Although, please don’t sell yourself short. According to the photo at the end, you’re a very beautiful woman (and I don’t mean that in a creepy internet-stalker way, just in an honest complimentary way)

  94. Mortira says:

    Well done! I had never thought of most of these before. The only one I knew about was Keira vs. Natalie. I had to know why the body double from The Phantom Menace bugged me so much and looked it up. Go figure!

  95. Great job in putting this together. There are a lot of resemblance, now that you pointed it out!

    One thought though – could it be the make-ups, at least for the females?

    Another thought is that one time a guy friend of mine said that girls brought up here look alike and act alike. It seemed that they are from the same school. Funny, huh?

  96. bitsofki says:

    Lol wow.. I hope nobody looks like me oh snap.. I enjoyed reading this post ;-) There REALLY are a lot of look alikes out there

  97. miraclemama says:

    Holy crap! Yes, Will Ferrel and that drummer dude from the Chili Peppers are twins! You just blew my mind. And I can’t believe I didn’t connect Zooey and Katy Perry. Great post. My “twin” is supposedly Hillary Swank.

  98. Summer says:

    Omg they do look alike!!! thats so cool!!!


  99. random says:

    how could you put benicio with brad… how could you… benicio is way hotter lol

  100. The Perfectly Imperfect One says:

    You are so right! I cannot believe how close all your pictures are! And yes, you could pass for Gong Li. Very pretty :)

  101. Haha! Love the comparison. Of course Natalie and Keira were related before, since a mostly unknown Keira Knightly played the stand-in for Queen Amidala in Star Wars, and barely made it out of the opening credits before being blown-up.

    There are certainly some strangely familiar people.

    PS Heath Ledger and Justin Gordon-Levitt were in 10 Things I Hate About You. Hmmm. Most interesting.

  102. Elgart says:

    Really amazing comparisons…They really look alike. Benecio and Brad are great!

  103. sarahnsh says:

    How little the world is, everyone always says I look like someone they know but I think my face is too unique to look like anyone.

  104. some of these people i did get confused with sometimes… also- on tyra banks show- americas next top model- there was a girl that looked like tyra when she was younger. And on the show- make it or break it- on of the girls looks like she could be the daughter of some model (model is in ads on the subway trains)… so yes- these people look alike- they just happen to both be famous :)

  105. satsumaart says:

    Love this! (And you’re so pretty!) I haven’t found any Asian actors who look like me either… sometimes I think if I watched more Cantonese movies maybe I would. ;b Maybe Lynn Chen is as close as it gets, but I really don’t look like her either! http://www.lynnchen.com/film_tv.html

  106. Caitlin says:

    Yay for twins! My twin is the older sister from the Chronicles of Narnia film, haha.

  107. brit says:

    I have been compared to heather graham and James gets john kennedy jr. and tom cruise sometimes. could you compare these for us? you should put Ben’s on here. he looks like one of the contestants on america’s got talent right now. beth looks like walk the line’s reese witherspoon. luv ya

  108. pithypants says:

    I actually just posted on this last night (http://pithypants.com/2010/08/31/celebrity-look-alikes-compliment-or-cut-down/) about how comparing laymen to celebrities always seem to leave the normal person feeling like their flaws have been underlined because they don’t stack up as beautifully as a the celeb.

    Nice work finding these photos – I think the Natalie Portman/Keira Knightly comparison was the most spot-on – I would’ve believed it to be the same person. :)

    • Normal people don’t stack up as beautifully as the celebs because the “normal” ones don’t have a team of make-up artist, photographer, light, fashion, etc., let alone the magical touch of Photoshop. :-)

  109. This is a great list. You did a good job!

  110. zerohundred says:

    Great post! You’re right about so many of these. I often find people in real life that I can “match up” with celebrities and vice versa. It might sound weird, but it usually doesn’t matter if the races don’t match up. It’s like… there is an essence about the person or face that seems so similar that every time I can’t help but see the similarities.

    I don’t personally have someone I think is my doppelganger, but I’ve had hoards of people say I look like Kristen Stewart (of “Twilight” fame). It’s really quite flattering because she is very pretty.

  111. Carrie says:

    How awesome! And you, dear, are quite lovely !

  112. Mindy says:

    LOL – these are great!!! I love your comment that all Caucasians look alike – I am boring ol’ whitebread and have two Asian daughters who are now teens. We were just having a teasing laughing fit in the car the other day about this very thing – noooo, all Caucasians look alike! Nooooo, all ASIANS look alike! Noooo . . . We were being generally obnoxious, but it was funny. Seems like each one of them as what teachers think is an doppleganger in their grade, and they are constantly being called the other person’s name, and vice versa. My oldest and her DG actually do have similar features, but my youngest and hers? No way. A foot different in height, one slender, one solid, one fair, one golden, one black hair, one dark brown . . . . and so on. But they are the two Asian girls in their grade, so . . . .

    Anyway, I love the pictures you found – these really are downright scary! Fun.

    • Haha, your kids sound like they’re a blast! I grew up in Hawaii where more than half the students were Asian so I never felt like a minority until coming to Utah. Now, I get excited just spotting a nerdy Asian kid -_-

  113. recision says:

    Ohh Ohh, me too.
    I just spotted two more a couple of days ago.
    Katherine Heigl and Heidi Klum.
    You need to get them with the same-ish hairdo and the same angle, but when you do it is freaky.

  114. reyglo says:

    fun little post! I have a suggestion for your twin…look up the HK actress Bernice Liu. From the last pic, that would be my best guess.

  115. Olivia says:

    I have always believed that Suchitra Sen, MadhuBala and Madhuri Dixit could be compared with each other.. well.. thats one for for sure.. Suchitra Sen is a well known Cine name in Bengali Households. She is MoonMoon Sen’s mommie darling.
    Madhu Bala happened in Bombay Film Industry. Her smile is considered to be the iconic one
    Madhuri Dixit is the one still reigning on several million hearts.

    After reading you post; I pressed this one. A long pending one.

    Here’s the link- http://readolivia.wordpress.com/2010/09/03/three-beauty-queens/

  116. sunnyandfine says:

    So true!! I love how you got pictures of them striking the same poses! xD

    Another one is Jennie Garth / Renée Zellweger (empire records days) / Amanda Donohoe (in her role in liar liar)

  117. STLAVONLADY says:

    Awesome post! Very fun and entertaining. It is interesting yet creepy of all the look-a-likes out there. Bradley Cooper is so hot now it is more excited seeing his “twin” Ralph Fiennes. lol

  118. Matt says:

    Proof positive that everybody in Hollywood either goes to the same plastic surgeon or they try to make themselves look like they guy next to them who is making more money. Yeesh so much for originality.

  119. fiddlerontheblog says:

    Seriously, these are scary. You totally made me a believer. Good research!! :-)

  120. Samantha says:

    I have always said that we all have a twin somewhere in the world…you’ve only made me feel even more confirmed in that belief. My uncle looks like Jason Hawes from Ghost Hunters (Sci Fi series) and I’ve seen other people who look like other people who don’t happen to be famous (so names shall be left unknown). Usually these people live their lives without knowledge of their twin but I strongly believe that everyone has one somewhere.

    also Katy Perry vs Zooey Deschanel was the one that I think really caught my attention.

  121. […] Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  122. arunimamazumdar says:


  123. priyankak says:

    Its so funny! But really something to observe! Good topic!

  124. Beth Luwandi says:

    Excellent work! This is more than just a little freaky. And it makes one fell a little less special, i guess. but no matter. Feeling special is a little overrated anyway. Nice job.

  125. M.E. says:

    Puahhahaahha!!! This post is AWESOME!!!! ^_______^

  126. jenvansant says:

    That was a trip! Seriously – some of those I never would have really thought about. Thanks for the cool post!

  127. Therapy Monkey says:

    That was a lot of fun. Thank you.
    Well researched.

  128. If Ralph Fiennes is Voldemort… does that mean Bradley Cooper is the un-evil twin?

  129. ylbnoel says:

    i liked Bradley Cooper vs Voldemort, and of course the triple kill… kudos!

  130. siropmyel says:

    oh great article, it already made me want to watch Mansfield Park but these similarities are disturbing ..
    I have a twin on earth?? is the question I ask myself all the time now!!
    take care

  131. […] celebrity look-alikes (via the thought pantry) Posted on September 3, 2010 by thewondermya| Leave a comment Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  132. Neha says:

    wow!!! some serious research….great post :)

  133. sthriftable says:

    Whoa! That is sooooooo cool! And creepy! Now I want to know who my twin is :) haha

  134. bookjunkie says:

    Most fascinating post I have read in a long while :)

  135. bjeffreyt says:

    How about Kelly Preston and Eizabeth Shue.
    Michell Branc and Vanessa Carlton.

  136. Bianca says:

    This is so cool, there are seriously some creepy ones….I am going to find mine asap!

  137. Frida says:

    You`re right,Assians are very very different people.I thought before they all are same,but after I begin to wach movies and tv series from China and Korea I realized that they are more different than europeans or americans.And I also think they are better looking :).
    Emily Osment and Carrie Underwood really seem to be twins :)

  138. omarabdisalaam says:

    i greeting for youy

  139. Devanshu says:

    Awesome post. It is funny and entertaining I have shared it on My FB Wall Thumbs up to this post

  140. […] Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  141. Ink Magazine says:

    Amazing how the most prominent of details can be missed out so very easily
    We have watched and loved these stars for years now and we never thought to wonder that most of them are just newer copies and versions of the old.
    Such keen observation is thoroughly commendable. =)

  142. blackwatertown says:

    Very good. The Bono v Robin Williams comparison was just cruel though.
    I’m not complaining though.

  143. The funny thing is I would never confuse the actors with one another even though they do look so much alike in the pics you posted! Great 5 minute distraction from work :)

  144. Simone says:

    ha, brilliant. I love those! :D

  145. dimamatta says:

    i really enjoyed this post :) the similarities are spot on! hilarious and yes, definitely creepy!
    i still have no idea who my celebrity look-alike is. a few years ago, my grandma and I were watching Tomb Raider and she told me that i look like Angelina Jolie, but i think that’s because my grandma is adorably sweet and sees the best in me and has a rather weak vision.
    great post! :)

  146. sang says:

    I have noticed most of them before, but I still find it very entertaining. And in response to your question..I found a possible look alike based on your uploaded picture..she’s a bit old to be your actual doppleganger though. Her name is Yunjin Kim. I found her here:

  147. Yarni says:

    Jewel & Joey Lauren Adams are another pair. Maybe it’s just proof we’re all related in some way!!!!

  148. Chi says:

    Great post :) I think you may have one more triple, Benecio del Toro VS Brad Pitt VS Robert Redford

  149. This is great! I can’t believe how much they all look alike. It’s funny because if you had just listed the names and hadn’t shown the pictures, I might have tried to argue that each of these people looks distinct, but wow they really are all twinsies!

    People also think all redheads look the same. I have been told that I look like Claire Danes (in her My So Called Life years) Laura Prepon, Julia Roberts, Gillian Anderson, Kari Byron from Mythbusters… now tell me how any of those women look alike!

    • Haha, they certainly don’t look alike! But I think redheads are gorgeous (I tried looking like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in high school. Realized dark hair suits me best :)

  150. oh my goodness how creepy! I never realized how much these celebs look like another. I have always thought Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster but Linda and Ellen? My gosh, its like we know what ellen will look like in 15 years

  151. […] celebrity look-alikes (via the thought pantry) Last night something strange happened… After cuddling with Curie for half an hour on the office chair, I decided to recoil from the rest of the world and embrace laziness entirely while watching Mansfield Park – a British film loosely based on Jane Austen's novel. As the movie progressed, something started to bug me…something about the actress's face… Then it hit me! Frances O'Connor (who plays the female lead) looks EXACTLY like Mary-Louis … Read More […]

  152. Haha!!! Love this. The whole scroll through I was imagining the person on the right trying to do their best impression of the person on the left. Like someone saying to Robin Williams… alright… do your best Bono. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  153. denouement32 says:

    Wow! Good researching. I couldn’t tell the difference between some of these people, and most I had never realized how much alike they were until seeing their pics next to each other. This makes me think very differently about the whole “How Did Lois Lane NOT Know??” argument, lol.

  154. denouement32 says:

    Oh, and you’re just as beautiful as Gong Li. Actually, you look a little better in my totally heterosexual opinion. Just because you’re not famous makes you think you’re not, I think. :)

  155. […] Celebrity Look-Alikes Posted on September 3, 2010 by cosmicpower| Leave a comment Heh, Keira Knightly VS Natalie Portman and more: […]

  156. sittingpugs says:

    I’ve always thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger looked alike.

    I’m with you on Benicio del Toro and Brad Pitt and Isabelle Adjani and Monica Bellucci.

    I like your Jodie Foster-Helen Hunt-Leelee Sobieski too.

    Wow. Emily Osment and Carrie Underwood, Chad Smith and Will Ferrell look like twins!

    What about Mia Kirshner and Amy Adams. Elias Koteas and Christopher Meloni.

    Find pictures here.

  157. susha says:

    ha ha. you missed Jada Pinkett Smith and Zoe Saldana. besides that nonsense, its pretty scary to find doppelgangers… i do not know what i would do i found someone looking that much like me… offended perhaps? =p

  158. Ashlee H. says:

    Oh my gosh!!! So true! This is something that has been bugging me the last couple of days as I have been watching Pushing Daisies and believe that Anna Friel is another Katy Perry/Zooey Deschanel look alike. :)

  159. zul-mokhtar says:

    Wow, they really look alike.

  160. sayitinasong says:

    Amazing!!! And even more impressive are the photos that you have chosen, how in the world did you even find such similar photos…lol. Good work!!

  161. hezaire says:

    this was amazing! that one of Bradley Cooper and Ralph Finnes? creepy! all your hard work paid off- this was fun times!


  162. I always thought Zooey and Katy, and when Katy Perry first got famous I thought it was Zooey Deschanel under another name trying something different! That’s how similar they are (although both are very beautiful and I’m very jealous as a result!)

    Also, I think you do have a lot of similarities with Gong Li…. Don’t put yourself down!

  163. eurybe08 says:

    Hahahah!! Great Post! Hilarious!!

  164. Dana says:

    All of these people look alike, but I could NOT believe Emily Osment, and Carrie Underwood! I was like, she totally messed up because those are the same people, but I realized they weren’t! So interesting! I can look at these forever! FUNNY! Your a pretty blogger, keep it up!

  165. midorihuang says:

    You have sort of a Japanese face, maybe you can search up on them to find your doppleganger.

  166. The look-alikes are a bunch! Most of them really look the same. hah! cool.

  167. omg! this is so weird! i actually thought it was katy perry in 500 days of summer and it took my friends like 30 minutes to convince me its not!
    maybe they are all cyborgs? thats why they are devestatingly talented and beautiful?
    well done on this, because it must have took forever!
    well done on getting freshly pressed aswel
    beth xx

  168. My hubby ALWAYS gets Kiera Knightly and Natalie Portman confused!! You are beautiful & you don’t need a celebrity look-a-like to prove it.

  169. […] Celebrity Celebrity lookalikes […]

  170. passionredtea31 says:

    Hi :) you can include Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan..

    Benecio can be Brad’s older brother :)

  171. beckyyk says:

    i love these things.

    that carrie underwood one is good. and the tripple kill is an awesome one!

    i have a triple kill too: martha stewart, diane sawyer, candice bergman!!!!!! Think about it.


  172. pendulumnow says:

    I wonder if they are of the same entity – the look-a-likes. I love em.

  173. […] attention. I even came across entirely useless blogs, that were yet somehow entertaining… such as Celebrity Look-Alikes. The opportunities seemed endless. The longer I looked, the more I could see that there could be […]

  174. I see quite a few blogs which appear intriguing and really worth a read. There is absolutely nothing worse than browsing through endless blah blah sites just to locate a couple which keep your interest. Thanks. Good job!

  175. I think you’re pretty!

  176. whispers1621 says:

    omg lol i love this post i always thought of regular people looking like celibrites but celibrites looking like celibrites is just awesome great idea come check out my newest post its the first chapter of my soon to published book thanks :) ;) ;P

  177. Lilly says:

    Wow, none of these have ever occurred to me before but you’re so right. The resemblance is uncanny, kind of freaky really.

  178. boho fangirl says:

    I totally love this post! I am a big fan of both Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel but I still get them confused a lot! Their faces have the same structures and their body figures are also the same! And Heath and Joseph-Gordon! OMG I’m gushing I love them both (looks like brothers to me!)

    Make more posts like this please? And btw, you’re just as pretty as Gong Li. ;)

  179. […] wonder; why I didn’t compile this earlier. Reading through celebrity look-alikes, and commenting; as if I got a push to press […]

  180. janedulay says:

    HAHA!! how creepy! i never knew there were alot of celebs looking like celebs! i only knew of KATY PERRY and ZOEY. lmaoo! this was AWESOME!

  181. Jonathan says:

    The shot of Natalie Portman is amazing – they really do look alike…

  182. Nice list! Please do visit mindprocessed.wordpress.com for my list of celebrity look alikes. =)

  183. Schnettler says:

    Wonderful post, I like your impressive blog, found you on FP.

    Please visit my interesting training blog.

  184. Tunella says:

    I think that Nancy Travis and Whitney Houston look a lot alike and even have the same mannerisms when they talk – even though one is black and the other is white.

  185. marta says:

    I worship is very beautiful Leelee Sobieski, Helen Hunt Leelee was beautiful but the love is beautiful (L)

  186. donna says:

    Have you look at Ming-Na she looks a little like you

  187. sassyfran says:

    Two things I believe there is a Sinister reason for celeb look alikes, that being said as regular people its harder to find our look alikes but from time to time you might recall friends/relatives telling you they so someone that looks like you, it always happens to me. As far as sinister our own EARTH origins are going to come out some day and it will solve the Mystery I guarantee.

    • I always thought that if it’s possible for celebrities to look so much alike, then we normal people MUST have so many doppelgangers that we’re just not aware of. Isn’t it funny how someone “unrelated” to you can look more like you than your own siblings or bloodline? :)

  188. Biyoleta says:

    I have better facial recognition than most, so as I was looking through these pictures, I kept going. “How could people mix them up? Her face is more angular than the other….her eyes are further apart and more upturned than the other….different colored eyes…etc.” And to be quite frank, Naomi Campbell looks MUCH more gorgeous in her picture, and Tyra, while still pretty, looks older. And The location/distance of their eyes are different, as well as their eye color.

    Although I can tell who’s who at a glance, I can still understand WHY people would mix them up, as a lot of them have striking similarities with each other. (I.e. Knightley’s and Portman’s eyes and hair; Katy Perry’s and Deschanel’s eye shape.color, facial structure, straight.dark hair; Heath Ledger’s facial structure, lips, similarly placed eyes, etc.)

    I have to admit, though, that Chad Smith looks like an older version of Will Ferrell. It’s creepy.

    By the way, when I was looking at the last three actresses, I was looking at the first picture on the left and wondering, “Hey, who’s this actress?” Then I read that it was you in that picture! THAT’s how pretty and cute you are. And I don’t mean cute as in, “Aww, that little girl is so cute!” but cute as in attractive. :-)

    • Oh thank you! You are too kind :) Yes, it’s true that upon closer inspection you start too see the dissimilar features right down to the crinkles around their eyes. I’ve been finding more and more celebrities who look like each other…perhaps I’ll post a part II to this entry!

  189. sassyfran says:

    If you have real interest in look alikes check out http://www.wellaware1.com He believes in the more sinister reasons………..its quite intense; let me know what you think of his Research using biometrics of the ears.

  190. Fantastic web site. Plenty of useful info here.
    I am sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious.

    And certainly, thanks to your sweat!

  191. vijay says:

    joe saldana looks like thandie nexton

  192. nagluv says:

    What about Christoph Waltz and Naomi Watts?

  193. Maggi says:

    You don’t look anything like Gong Li. Maybe Jamie Chung.

  194. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable experience concerning unpredicted emotions.

  195. Domino says:

    Omg! Thank you! I thought I was going nuts with the O’Connor/Parker thing! I immediately thought of Natalie and Keira but I never realised there were so many celebrity twins out there.
    Sweet article

  196. naga says:

    liam neeson vs ralph fiennes (not bradley cooper)…

  197. […] look-alikes | – The Thought Pantry – WordPress.com [Click!]Sep 2, 2010 – … in most cases, who you’re looking at, but if you put their […]

  198. Sam says:

    Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde and Keira Knightely look alike

  199. Olive says:

    It was Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster brought me here. Nice writing! ^^
    You may want to add these into the list:
    -Hugh Jackman and Patrick Dempsey
    – Matt Damon Mark Wahlberg and Michael Ballack (German football player)

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