Monsieur de Voltaire

Yes, yes we did. Did what you ask?

So we’ve had Curie for exactly three months (since June 4) and we thought it was time she acquired a friend. Synonyms for friend: partner, sidekick, roommate, companion, ally, playmate, fellow man, pal. A canine confidant to keep her company while I’m gone all day at work and Ben’s slaving away at school. Ben, who’s been volunteering at the Cache Valley Humane Society every Friday for three hours, called me up yesterday in an excited tone:

Ben: Hey Ang, guess what?
Me: What?
Ben: Um, so I’m taking this dog on a walk right? And it’s a black miniature schnauzer. I was wondering if…you wanna get him? (the last few syllables spoken shriller than the previous)

That was the conversation more or less. I jumped in my car, headed south and walked straight to the little guy’s cage. He was a black mini schnauzer named Sir Charles/Verdelle (because he had two different owners prior to his surrender) and I immediately thought “How can anyone give up a sweetie like this?” Thirty minutes later we signed the papers and he was ours. Easy as pie (though I never understood that expression cause pie isn’t easy to make…is it? Though it’s easy to eat…)

We dubbed him Voltaire after François-Marie Arouet (pen name Voltaire). Voltaire was a Paris-born French Enlightenment writer and philosopher famous for his wit and for his advocacy of civil liberties. Also “Voltaire was known to have been an advocate for coffee, as he was purported to have drunk the beverage at least 30 times per day. It has been suggested that high amounts of caffeine acted as a mental stimulant to his creativity” (credit to Wiki) which I find ironic since we live in Utah. There’s the new guy sitting next to me and Curie at my feet!

Curie approved of him immediately the moment she sniffed his butt. She follows him everywhere around the house and the two are quite inseparable. If Volt jumps on the bed, she jumps on the bed. If Volt goes into the office, Curie goes into the office. Volt drinks water, Curie drinks water. Et cetera. But their personalities are HUGELY different:

1) Hates getting wet
2) Intimidated by larger dogs
3) Snubs and barks at children
4) Loves playing with her toy rope and soft, squeaky commodities
5) Expresses agitation when we blow in her face
6) Will do anything for treats
7) Doesn’t mind being left alone
8) Generously gives kisses
9) Squirms when I try to towel-dry her after a bath

1) Loves the water
2) Thinks he’s one of the big dogs
3) Gets along with children (according to his records)
4) Acts like he’s never seen a toy rope before
5) Lets me blow in his face whenever my heart desires
6) Turns his face away from treats
7) Whines and whimpers when we leave the house/car
8) Never gives kisses but is definitely a cuddler
9) Stays absolutely still when I go at his fur with a towel

But one of the BIGGEST differences between the two is the shape of their ears! When we adopted Curie, hers was already cropped. Voltaire’s was left floppy and unharmed. I thought about it long and hard, and after much deliberation I’ve come to the conclusion that their ears resemble the following:

Anyways, it looks like opposites attract in this case and I hope their fondness for each other stays permanently! As far as similarities go, both schnauzers were named after famous French folks and they both adore ducks. So much so that when I took them out to the little canal where the ducks hang out (right next to our townhouse) Voltaire LEPT into the water in an attempt to claim his feathered friend. Curie watched in dumbness as I bounced around hysterically, trying to pull him out of the dirty water by the single rope around his neck. This was the last picture I took before Voltaire’s swift ascend:


2 thoughts on “Monsieur de Voltaire

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness. the potato chip effect as begun! You can’t have just one! But 3 months after the first, wow, I think this is an inevitably growing “problem” as Ben continues volunteering at the Humane Shelter. :) Voltaire is a doll, er handsome fellow, and I’m very interested to see how you all adjust to your expanded family. Congrats!

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