finger puppets, poo and everything in between

My co-worker just sent the design team a link to one of the cutest sites ever…Blabla Kids! The collection includes anything from knit dolls to finger puppets to mobiles – any of these would make fabulous shower gifts and I’m already thinking about how/who I can buy these for (myself included)…mehehehe.

Can I also just tell you a really sad/gross story that took place yesterday morning? It’s 5:45 am. Ben and I awake to a startling sound.

Ben (drowsy): Ang, what’s that noise?
Me: Mmmmm (it sounded like someone pulling a zipper open and close but I was too tired to voice my opinion).

We turn on the light only to find a most horrific scene. Poor Curie is having painful diarrhea on our bedroom floor after getting her paws on some taboo treat (chocolate we think). That was the “zipper” noise….her butt :( That’s not the worst part though. In her attempt to get back in bed in the dark, Curie STEPS in her own poo and drags it all over the room. On the carpet. On our duvet cover. On my PILLOW CASE after I get up. Even on the side of the bed, oh gawd. We then proceed to give her a full bath at 6:00 in the morning and have to change out all of our sheets and blankets.

Two hours later Voltaire poops in the house, as if to say “don’t forget me!”

The past month and half has really been poo-ri-fic for us :)


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