hootin’ holidays and the end of an era

I think one word that accurately describes 2010 is….change. There were so many new beginnings this year. Examples!

Ben and I got married on May 22 and for our honeymoon I got to walk the streets of PARIS (oui, oui!) We adopted our first two pets, Curie and Voltaire, on June 4th and September 3rd. Our first niece, Tabetha Ruth Fawson, was born early in the year in January. Thought Pantry had its genesis in April. I started sewing for the first time in July and absolutely LOVE it! My sister Taryn graduated from the College of Business at UHM in December (COB!) There are too many things to list but I think it’s safe to say that 2010 was an era of introductions, advancements, anticipation, hopefulness, blessings in disguise, love and CHEER! I have a plethora of things to be grateful for (I’m learning that “plethora” is a popular word in Utah).

And since I’m a movie buff, here’s a list of my personal favorite movies of 2010. Mehehehe.

Toy Story 3
How to Train Your Dragon
Kick Ass
Paranormal Activity 2
Shutter Island
Easy A
The Secret of Kells
The Social Network
La Vie en Rose (this is a 2007 film but I only saw it this year)

What’s the worst movie of the year, you ask? Probably Splice. Adrien Brody not at his finest :(

On a cheery note, I had a lot of fun buying Christmas gifts this month…but even more fun making them! If you enjoy crafts and wish to save a few Alexander Hamiltons, you can make these too! I got the idea from Cupcake Girls’ Etsy shop which features the most adorable Christmas owl ornaments. But I wasn’t about to pay $11 per owl…not when I could just make them myself. So over a period of 1-2 weeks, I hand-stitched 17 owl ornaments for each of my co-workers and I was kind of on an owl-high by the 15th one. Attach them to some felt stockings, weigh them down with candy and voila!

As for other stuffed animals, I learned how to make a Pointy Kitty doll (free pattern by Wee Wonderfuls) and I ended up making two so far! One for a co-worker who was leaving for bigger/better things and one for my cool & trendy sister-in-law. Here is how Hannah’s kitty turned out:

As for babies, I had so much fun making a teddy bear for my cousin Naomi and a pink rabbit for my little niece Tabby! The patterns for these animals are not hard to make at all and I find hand-stitching to be pretty therapeutic. I think turning them over and stuffing them are the trickiest parts.

And here are some holiday photos to prove how much fun we had with the fams. Three days on Oahu and three and a half days in Sandy, Utah. We went from 3 degrees (Logan) to 75 degrees (tropical island) back to 30 degrees (Sandy). Desert > Island > Desert…boo. My usually-chapped skin is mildly confused.

Curie and Voltaire got spoiled rotten with all those doggy treats and toys. Look at that squeaky blue hamburger!

As for me, I got the most DYNAMITE gift EVER from my sweet, sweet husband. Bless your heart, Mr. Watterson. All I can say is….good bye un-even stitches that take hours and hours to do. Hello luxury.


4 thoughts on “hootin’ holidays and the end of an era

  1. Beth says:

    Angella, you are so freakin’ creative that it makes me sick. ;) You’re so amazing!

  2. Kasey says:

    First off….TRON!!!
    I am surprised that you had Paranormal Activity on your list of ‘bests’, I couldn’t stop laughing and people yelled at me (but that is neither here nor there). I applaud your creativity, those owls are so sweet it could make someone puke.
    To further rant on your movie choice, True Grit should be on the best and Splice, while not Brody’s finest feature, defiantly does not deserve to be considered, by any means, the worst movie of 2010. I believe, remembering that I am always right (accept when I am wrong), that honor firmly belongs to Little Fockers.
    I am glad you guys are doing well and that your year was filled with happiness and good-feelings.

    • Kasey! How can you think well of Splice?! It was an outrageously dumb movie with an even dumber moral (eff with science and it will eff you back….literally) True Grit I admit was good, but the reason why it didn’t get in my top list is because Jeff Bridges mumbled in a lot of scenes and I couldn’t understand a quarter of what he said. I have yet to watch Little Fockers :)

      And thanks for the owl compliment! I am tempted to watch Tron again…it really was that good. But for the second round I think I might wear contacts.

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