Did you ever read a PostSecret that was so incredibly sad or uplifting? Maybe one that left you teary-eyed or inwardly smiling? I read one tonight that made me bawl. Literally. I’ve prepped you, so you might not find it as emotionally wrenching but here it is:

After I read this out loud to Ben, I said something like “that’s just….so….sad…” and suddenly dropped my face in my hands. I started WAILING like a baby. I didn’t mean for it to be so dramatic but I couldn’t help it! It was the saddest secret I’ve ever read. He thought I was faking it and laughed out loud. That made me cry even harder and, when he found out I WASN’T faking, he laughed harder too because the whole thing seemed cinematic. Anyways, I got a hug at the end so it wasn’t so bad :)

I started googling more PostSecrets. Saved them all in a folder on my desktop. This reminded me of the time Frank Warren (creator of PS) visited our USU campus in 2009 and we got to see him on stage! There’s something so fascinating about reading people’s secrets. A deep, dark, shrouded piece of information that might alter your perception of that person forever. But when there are no faces to match the secrets you read in the PostSecret book, those secrets suddenly become less disgusting. Less outrageous. More intriguing. More sorrowful. You start feeling sympathetic towards these strangers. Some of these secrets aren’t even that unique because they essentially address the same issues of loneliness…fear of rejection…wanting to be accepted. We’re more alike than we think.

Here’s a bunch that I thought were either funny, depressing, optimistic, honest or powerful in some way. I think the high of reading these is coming across one that you can relate to. One that makes you think “Whoa, me too!” or “Geez, I thought I was the only one.”

I hope to one day mail out a secret of my own. Not sure what it will be (and I’ve debated whether or not I’d show it to Ben because that would defeat its very essence!) But it would give me an excuse to tear up some artwork and paste letters from a magazine like a crazy celebrity-stalker. Mehehe.


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