booty-licious shower gift

A few weeks ago, I bought a pattern on ithinksew’s Etsy shop for baby booties (only $3 with the owner’s permission to sell your work!) Gotta admit…I was a little nervous at first because the instructions sounded tricky and the step-by-step pictures confused me. I was also just learning how to navigate my new sewing machine (a “Brother” Project Runway Limited Edition with a digital screen and 49 stitch options including button holes, oh yeah!) My machine has been friggen AMAZING and I’ve been using it every single night for the past week. With a baby shower coming up on the 22nd, I was determined to sew (at least) one stuffed animal and a pair of booties.

Gift status: COMPLETE.

** Emily Teare, if you are reading this proceed no further! Don’t want you getting a sneak peak at Owen’s pwe-sent **


Here’s how Owen’s booties turned out. I can’t believe how little babies are! Ben said they look like cartoon character feet :)

If you’re picky (and cheap) like me, you can even make your own wrapping paper. I just drew out a pattern on Illustrator and printed it out on 13 x 19 brown butcher paper (manually cut and ironed from a roll). The bear character is supposed to resemble the stuffed animal I made for Owen (named Oliver the Bear). Forgot to take pictures of him but he’s safely stowed away in that bigger box!

Something I learned about myself. I really, really love baby showers…and weddings. I’ll take any excuse to sew or dress up.

Also, not sure if anyone else has noticed but…PILLOW PETS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD! They’re everywhere. At your local grocery store. Walmart. Shopping mall kiosks. Probably in your closet, hidden behind the shoes and ties. Your spouse crossing their fingers, hoping you won’t find it (no Ben, I didn’t buy the whale). These also make great shower gifts :)


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