friends make prints

A few weeks ago I bought a limited edition print from Friends Make Prints, a letterpress/design studio founded by Nicole Miller (who I graduated with in 2009 from USU!) To be honest, I fell in love with this print immediately after reading about it on Nicole’s blog. Not only was it a beautiful hand-printed relief but there was a real undertone of heartache and loss that spawned the conceptual side of the artwork. That was just as important to me as the look of it. It’s part of a series titled Identity Issues which, for whatever reason, I HAD to possess. Nicole was so kind to give me a discount on her Etsy shop, and just last week I took it to Hobby Lobby to get it custom framed (8″ x 8″). Little did I know that there is another print called You Lied To Me which complements the one I have perfectly (drooling over it now and crossing my fingers that Nicole has at least one left!)

Here is a picture of it in better lighting.

Also I’m relieved that my desk is somewhat organized. Yes, I work in a pretty dark space (bless you Mr. Lamp). Unfortunately for my bank account, I have a new appeal for pretty fabrics and Hobby Lobby decor >.<


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