love is in the air {along with pollution and other things}

I know this entry is kind of late but….I’ve been a busy bee! Deepest apologies to the six or seven people who read this blog :)

Five days ago it was St. Valentine’s Day. The day where people celebrate intimacy by cutting out paper hearts. Passing out candy that tastes like chalk. An overweight little boy also manages to reappear on cards year after year, threatening to poke you with a deadly weapon (of looooove). I wish I could say that I didn’t care for Valentine’s…just admit that it’s a tacky, money-making scam that benefits Walmart and diamond industries. But I can’t because the truth is….I like it. I look forward to it. The thought of Ben buying me flowers and taking me to a dimly-lit restaurant puts a mischievous smile on my face. This kind of thing only happens two or three times a year (your birthday, your anniversary and Valentine’s if you’re lucky) so I take full advantage, soaking up any attention I can get from my man.

For some reason, I was worried that Ben wouldn’t buy me flowers this year. I thought “What if we’re too comfortable with each other and he thinks he doesn’t have to anymore??” Noooooooo (I may or may not have dropped a few hints that week). When I came home from work on Valentine’s night, I told myself “Look, if you don’t see any flowers too bad. DEAL with it. Flowers are too expensive anyways.”

But there they were on the living room table. I didn’t just get a vase of lame-o carnations….I got a TREE! And chocolates which I gleefully picked at (leaving out certain caramel ones). We ate out at Tandoori Oven, ordering our most favorite Indian dish – Chicken Tikka Masala!!! The Valentine’s dinner special even included drinks and dessert, so we downed some strawberry/mango Lassis and walked out that night smelling like curry.

Also, I’ve been working hard trying to expand my Etsy shop. Yoorika currently has 7 items for sale so please keep checking back for updates! ( Here are some things I’ve been working on. Kenji the teddy bear and Arabella the rabbit have both been lovingly handmade, ready to brighten someone’s day. They each take about 4-5 hours to make and I enjoy every minute of it. Perfect for a baby shower gift or even adults who, like myself, still have a soft spot for plushies (makes a great collectible item).

I also started this new thing – personalized nursery artwork – which features a cute animal (either a bear, rabbit or moose) and your baby’s name below it! Any name of course…just convo me on Etsy with the name and choice of color. If you’re learning about my shop for the first time and are interested in buying, it’s really easy! Just sign up for an Etsy account on (which is quick and painless if you’re signing up as a buyer) and voila! You are read to buy. Find my shop here. All purchases go through PayPal – a secure way of billing ;) Also if you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog. I’m trying to find ways to promote my shop and I figured this is one way of doing it (go WordPress!)


2 thoughts on “love is in the air {along with pollution and other things}

  1. Brit says:

    I don’t like getting jewelry (it is always too expensive) or chocolate (’cause it makes me fat) or flowers (’cause they are usually dead) but Ben got you live ones that you can actually keep and put in your garden to symbolize the growth of your love.

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