I read in a blog once that it’s unfavorable for a blogger (such as myself) to abandon blogging for a long period of time because it leaves the readers (you guys) hanging. What say you readers? Has it been a while? (absolutely…but I fear I’m experiencing a drought of thoughts which poses as a direct conflict with the name of this blog!) Looks like there is but one remedy. I hate resorting to this because it feels like a cop-out, but here goes…


I’m sure you’ve heard of people writing about 10, 25, 50 or even 100 random facts about themselves (a viral topic seen one too many times on facebook) which is why I chose this arbitrary (and delicoiusly primary) number. It also happens to be the favorite number of a co-worker (Kyle, this number is just for you). Sounds like an easy enough topic right? I should know myself thoroughly and completely (but making this list interesting will be the challenge).

1) Writing random facts about myself is a guilty pleasure.

2) Another guilty pleasure – Hilary Duff’s song “Fly”

3) I would rather be an executioner of people than work for a poultry business where I have to throw live baby chicks into a grinding machine.

4) Star Wars makes me nervous because I’m not an avid fan and don’t know all the characters.

5) When I was little, I used to have crushes on actors 6 times my age like Michael Douglas and Tim Curry. Now most of my celebrity crushes are at a more…reasonable age.

6) Butterflies are pretty at a distance but terrifying up close.

7) The word “quiver” makes me uncomfortable.

8) I don’t have a particular inclination for movies that take place in space.

9) I love animals and told myself I’d get a pet after college (because I was pet-deprived as a child), but I never thought I’d actually get one. My two mini schnauzers are lying next to me now, oblivious that I’m typing about them.

10) One of my least favorite questions that people ask me is “What’s your favorite band?” For all they know, I might not even favor music.

11) I do, in fact, like music. I heard a cool quote the other day (“Music is the great communicator”). I am moved by classical scores and theme songs from films such as Requiem for a Dream, Gladiator, The Piano, etc. Requiem in D Minor is also a fantastic song used frequently in the movie industry.

12) My dad thought I was majoring in fashion design until my junior year in college. “No dad, graphic design. Graaaaphic design!”

13) My parents actually asked me not to pursue an artistic career. They eventually came to their senses.

14) Four-way stops make me nervous. No one seems to remember who arrived there first, so after waiting a while I decide to be brave and proceed. Along with the three other people. You see how it can get awkward fast.

15) Driving in general still makes me nervous.

16) I chew and eat the inside of my mouth. It simply grows back.

17) I love Greek myths and wish I took a related course in college. I would go back to school just for that.

18) I have this new fear that if/when I’m pregnant in the future, my dogs will accidentally jump on my stomach and cause me to have a miscarriage. They may have to sleep in their kennels for 9 months.

19) I don’t like candy corn, Valentine hearts, caramel or popcorn.

20) My favorite novel is called The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Kostova’s father told her stories about Dracula when she was a child and later in life she was inspired to turn the experience into a novel. She worked on the book for ten years.

21) I must clean my ears with q-tips after every shower otherwise I feel slimy. Like bread dipped in water.

22) I can’t stand the feeling of something in my belly button. Like my centrifugal balance is being thrown off.

23) I refuse to eat lettuce on sandwiches and burgers. I refuse to eat lettuce, period, if given the choice. So between a soup and salad, I will consistently choose soup.

24) I suffer from (selective) entomophobia. Selective because some insects such as ants don’t bother me while others raise my blood pressure. I used to have heliophobia in high school which seems to resurrect itself when I visit Hawaii (in lesser severity now compared to before).

25) There are a lot of weird phobias. My favorites:
Chaetophobia – Fear of hair (shave, shave, shave!)
Cherophobia – Fear of gaiety (like happy people?)
Coprophobia – Fear of feces (no one’s gonna wipe your butt for you, sorry)
Dutchphobia – Fear of the Dutch (that’s just racist)
Ephebiphobia – Fear of teenagers (including yourself?)
Chromatophobia – Fear of colors (that’s…difficult to bypass….)
Cibophobia – Fear of food (even worse than the above)

26) I can’t depart with my stuffed animals. I’ll just have to hold on to them until I have kids.

27) In middle school, I collected over 100 Beanie Babies. The bears are still in plastic cases, sitting somewhere in my parents’ closet.

28) I don’t like to eat the pith of oranges (that white, cob-webby part that’s left after you peel away the skin).

29) I cry more now watching sappy romantic comedies/dramas than I ever did as a kid.

30) Sometimes when my dog Curie looks back at me over her shoulders in a slow, dramatic sort of way, she looks like David Blaine.

31) I think the least attractive accent is a southern accent.

32) I never enjoyed reading until the third grade. My best friend, Michelle, got me started on The Baby-sitter’s Club series and that paved my entire future.

33) I am the saddest runner you’ve ever seen.

34) I once had a tooth growing in the roof of my mouth.

35) I don’t care for impressionist paintings or Andy Warhol.

36) I write in print and cursive simultaneously, depending on the letter.

37) My blood type, O positive, has been confirmed three times. I inherited that from my biological father.

38) I have periodic cravings for oysters and raw meat.

39) I hate flying on planes. If I know I will be flying for an extended period, I will not wear a bra (because what I hate more than discomfort is double discomfort).

40) I have to shower in the morning or I malfunction. Just like the robot-kid who ate spinach on Artificial Intelligence.

41) I once forgot that I was 23 years old and actually argued about it with my husband. Through deductive reasoning, I realized that if Ben is 23 and I am the same age as Ben, then I must also be 23.

42) According to my mom, I was born a month late. I was so physically developed that I already had a full set of hair (the nurses nicknamed me “monkey”). Let’s just say I like to take my time.

43) I wonder who gets to name the colors of Crayola Crayons. Some of my favorites:
Shrimp Cocktail
Star Spangled Banner
Razzmic Berry
Ogre Odor
Sunburnt Cyclops
Booger Buster
Big Foot Feet

That only took 3-4 hours to complete. Feel free to list random facts about yourself in a comment! Even if it’s just one or two. And especially if it’s gross or bizarre.


5 thoughts on “43

  1. Shan says:

    Yep, you did it. You’ve entertained me with a list. Facts about yourself. Your facts are all entertaining but I found #3 the randomest, and I can’t believe you don’t like popcorn! I also don’t like lettuce, that icky part of the orange, caramel, Valentine hearts, or candy corn, but POPCORN? That’s just a shame.

    I like popcorn and chocolate to enter into my mouth at the same time. Mmm.
    Also, popcorn with Cheez-its is delicious.
    Annnnd…popcorn with peanut butter.
    Pretty much popcorn with anything.

  2. It’s true…popcorn tastes like buttered paper! But you have a point. I think it’s more tolerable with other flavorings like chocolate and this thing we had in Hawaii called kaki-mochi (mmm).

    I do love chickens. Especially baby chickens. But what’s even sadder is that I love chicken McNuggets almost equally :(

  3. trashl8er says:

    I’m always forgetting I’m 29. Taryn is pretty good at reminding me that I don’t heal as fast after metal shows these days. I pretty much stopped counting at 22, its like cruise control from here on out. I do believe 2yrs. doing in-house ad work made me age faster than I have in in the 27yrs preceding it.

    My turn…

    1. If I have a camera in my hand it may take me a good hour to walk a block.

    2. I once wrapped my head in gauze & stuck it in a scanner because I thought it would be a cool background texture.

    3. Fingerpainting relieves stress.

    4. I almost knocked myself unconscious during capoeira practice.

    5. I once set my final project for a design course on fire then handed it in.

    6. When I leave a metal show I have to hold my head up to drive home safely.

    7. I can spend hours staring at the spacing between 2 letters because sometimes… they just don’t feel right.

    8. Got out of a ticket because of a Dethklok sticker on the back of my car.

    9. I enjoy terrifying/intimidating people I don’t know in Karaoke. Slipknot, Iron Maiden, SOAD … then BAM, Phantom of the Opera to shut up all those who think I only like screaming.

  4. Raul says:

    I sent a comment before this logged in through my test WP acct w/out my name on it. Not sure if I even pushed send before it disappeared. lol So I’m sending it again.


    I’m always forgetting I’m 29. I stopped counting at 22. Taryn’s pretty good at reminding me I don’t heal as fast as before, so I should tone down the headbanging every once in a while.

    1. If I have a camera in my hand it may take me a good hour to walk a block.

    2. I once wrapped my head in gauze & stuck it in a scanner because I thought it would be a cool background texture.

    3. Fingerpainting relieves stress.

    4. I once set my final project for a design course on fire then handed it in.

    5. I almost knocked myself unconscious during capoeira practice.

    6. When I leave a metal show I have to hold my head up to drive home safely.

    7. Can spend hours staring at the spacing between 2 letters because sometimes… they just don’t feel right.

    9. I enjoy terrifying/intimidating people I don’t know at Karaoke. Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Tool… then I screw up their brains & throw in Phantom of the Opera just to shut up those who think all I do is listen to metal.

    • Bahaha, #7. Which is exactly why it’s hard for us to look through a menu within a given amount of time.

      #1 and #2, so good.

      You’re right. I have also given up counting after 22. Which is why I forgot I was 23.

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