fishy business

Quick update. So my poor laptop is having issues. After three joyful years together, lappy’s screen is (finally?) acting up. Sometimes random lines will appear and fizzle away while other times half the screen goes black (or the entire thing drifts into whiteness…I’m calling it the ghost effect). So I took it into Expercom on Monday evening and probably won’t see it for another week. Cable issues if I’m lucky, but if not I’ll have to pay $200 for an entire screen replacement. Whaaa?

So I’m using Ben’s MacBook. I’m lucky to even have this option, but to be honest it’s very uncomfortable relying on someone else’s hardware. Kind of like wearing a stranger’s underwear.

Reason 1: His track pad functions differently. A mere touch is equivalent to a mouse click, so I have to tread lightly or else I end up clicking things I didn’t intend to. An unwanted tab appears out of nowhere. I get redirected to a mysterious link. A window (or whatever I’m working on) simply disappears. Did I click the X button?? Doh, I don’t know!

Reason 2: Ben doesn’t have Photoshop which means I have to resort to other less sophisticated means when making photo adjustments. But I just learned about a great site called which is pretty much like Photoshop. It’s a great (FREE) tool that lets you adjust lighting, color, contrast, etc. The whole sha-bam. But the graphic snob in me still misses the bouncing blue Ps icon.

Ah, but it feels great to be back here! Here’s what I REALLY wanted to blog about. Last week, my good friend Shayla called me up with a favor to ask…

Shayla: “Would you be interested in sewing a stuffed jelly fish?”

Me (thinking): Would I ever! What a neat (and unusual) request.

Now knowing that I’m not really an experienced sewer, it was mighty nice of her to ask me (it’s been less than a year since I started hand sewing and less than four months since I got my sewing machine). The jellyfish was going to be a farewell gift for her peer mentor (an inside joke between her and the gals). I kept thinking “How am I going to pull this off! What if it turns out disastrous?” But fears set aside, I met up with Shayla at Walmart and we picked out fabrics. Come to find out, her peer mentor loves all things girly, so we chose the most sparkly material, covered in sequins, that had DIVA written all over it.

Not sure what the technical name for this fabric is, but it proved to be very stretchy and “forgiving” (my ugly hand sewn stitches were well camouflaged). All in all, ’twas a success. I panicked at first when the eyes weren’t cooperating (the stretchiness of the material caused both eye holes to expand and I was left chasing poly-pellets). Cotton fluff proved to be the better option. But alas, two beady eyes and six tentacles later I had a bouncy little jellyfish. A boy to be exact. His name is Jolly cause that’s pretty much how I felt during his process of creation (“Jolly the Jellyfish” also kinda has a ring to it).

Each tentacle was about a foot long!

So thank you Shayla for this awesomely fun project!!! And look at all these fun facts I learned about jellyfish:

1) Jellyfish have been around for more than 650 million years which means that they outdate both dinosaurs and sharks.

2) A species of jellyfish, the Box Jellyfish (or Irukandji) kills more people than any other marine creature each year (Jolly is not one of these).

3) The jellyfish has no brain, no blood, and no nervous system.

4) “Medusa” is another word for jellyfish and refers to any free-swimming jellyfish stages in the phylum Cnidaria.

5) A group of jellyfish is sometimes called a bloom, swarm or smack.

6) Jellyfish are composed of more than 90% water.

7) Jellyfish are harvested for their collagen which can be used for a variety of applications including the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

8) By clogging cooling equipment in mass, jellyfish have disabled power plants in several countries including a cascading blackout in the Philippines (1999) as well as in the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in California (2010).

9) Lion’s Mane Jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) have long been cited as the largest known jellyfish and arguably the longest animals in the world with fine, thread-like tentacles up to 36.5 m (120 feet) long, but most Lion’s Mane jellyfish are nowhere near that large.

So there you go! Some cool facts so that the next time you hear the word “jellyfish” you don’t just think of that time Dory got stung by a pink jellyfish in Finding Nemo. Or Will Smith’s pet jellyfish in the movie Seven Pounds – a key figure in the movie’s unraveling might I add. Or you can just eat them like they do in Asian countries (they’re kind of a delicacy…just like dried squid which I miss). Koreans eat dried squid like Americans eat pop corn :)


6 thoughts on “fishy business

  1. Shayla says:

    Ahhh! I love you so much. Thanks for doing this for us! Tasha LOVED it! You=wonderful. I’m so glad we’re friends :)

  2. Oh you are so WELCOME! So happy she liked it! *dances like a jellyfish*

  3. Deidree says:

    Jolly is adorable!!

  4. Shan says:

    That is the cutest jellyfish I’ve ever seen! (And the only one). I’ve been looking forward to a blog post from you, and I’m leaving your blog now with interesting facts that I can spew out to others during a totally unrelated topic of conversation. So, thank you.

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