friday finds

Fridays are great for many reasons. For me, it’s a half day of work (sometimes) which means I’m free to leave after 11 am as long as I make 40 hours that week. But free time can also mean “dangerous time” because I’m left to pursue girlish endeavors. Like today for instance. I walked the usual route through Dillards, making note of all the unattainable Fossil bags and modest prom dresses. I realized something about myself too – that I have a bad habit of stopping in front of an end cap and just zoning out. I’m rationalizing things in my head you see…how can make that frilly skirt work with the $5 tank top I just bought? Wait, is that skirt even on sale? Why is it on the sales rack when it’s not on sale?! Stop crushing my dreams! And all the while, the sales lady is staring me down (or avoiding me).

My stroll through TJ Maxx always leads me to the shoe section. To my dismay, I realize that fur-lined boots have been replaced with open-toe sandals and gem-encrusted foot thongs. I was so, SO tempted to buy summer footwear and even tried on a few slippers (cause feet DO start to get clammy around this time of year). But then I remembered why I never show my wide, hobbit feet. A final glance of my misshapen toes and I’m slowly curling them in shame, trying to put my socks back on. Oh well. But I did run into this fun pair of silver sequined heels with a shiny top piece. Would’ve bought it if it was half the price and half a size larger.

Downeast Basics is also a magical place to shop. Across from all the cute blouses and skirts you will find a random assortment of things. Dish towels, nursery items, flower decoration, vases, furniture, a box full of teddy bears, a monkey nap-mat with the name “Kellan” written on it. I came across a bucket of pencils that I thought looked so interesting and bought a couple. Only $1 each. They remind me of my friend, Melissa K. Condie!

Right before checking out, I noticed a small basket full of eraser-animals and I couldn’t resist. I bought this alligator (crocodile?) and porcupine to add to my growing pile of odds and ends. Their bodies even come apart! Why you ask? Who knows. The Japanese/Korean have a strange sense of humor :)


3 thoughts on “friday finds

  1. Melissa K. says:

    Angella! Those colorful pencil-things are bee-you-tee-full! They even look like they can fly!



    • Oh thanks! They do have little propeller things on their heads. I keep wanting to send you a handwritten letter but don’t have your address (or maybe I do but can’t find it). Send to me please!

  2. Kristina says:

    Angella, I love you. Such a cute post!

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