Thrift shops. Amazing little stores that you find in the nook and cranny of almost any city. Ben and I (finally) went thrift-shop-exploring this Saturday with nothing specific in mind. Something we should’ve done four years ago but never got around to doing.

Now, thrift shops are great for two main reasons. You find unique and inexpensive things that someone either outgrew or just grew tired of. Sure, you’ll run into the occasional hole-in-a-sweater or scuffed up pair of boots, but over half of the items are in decent condition, waiting patiently to be used (and loved!) Most importantly, thrift shops directly benefit charitable community organizations, so you can actually feel good about your purchases. Somebody’s Attic, the first shop we went to, coordinates with community outreach programs such as Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA) and local churches to provide clothing and household goods to anyone in need.

As I walked up the stairs to the “attic”, I was greeted by an orphanage of household items – kitchenware, ceramic mugs, vinyl records, ribbon, paper, hand bags, belts, golf clubs and a TON of infant clothes. On the right, there was an area just for kids filled with books, stuffed animals and board games. And just look at what I found….the original CANDY LAND! Reminds me of Halloween 2008 :)

Found this guy buried under some dusty teddies. Doesn’t he remind you of that scene in The Sword in the Stone where Merlin gives the dragon/witch chicken pox? Of course I had to take him with me.

And when we were checking out, I peered into a glass window and spotted these two guys. The most adorable deer salt-and-pepper shakers, on bid (starting price $2!) So I crossed my fingers and put a $10 bid on them (kind of high but I want them dearly! Pun intended)

After visiting a used-book-store and the Art Gallery, we made a final stop at the D.I. where I purchased two well-known children’s books for only $0.50 each. I’ve been collecting children’s stories for the past year now in hopes of reading these classics to my own children one day. They have just the right amount of mustiness (I like to leaf through the pages while sticking my nose in it). AND they’re hard cover :)


3 thoughts on “thrifty

  1. MIssy says:

    i love to collect childrens books too. I have found some great stuff at garage sales in the summer. You will have to come with Katie and I some Saturday!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one! I always feel like a creep hanging out in the kid’s section (like when Borders had their big sale…I was pushing kids away left and right so I could get the best bargains) :)

  2. Raul says:

    Awesome. Taryn & I have been venturing to Goodwill & Savers a bit more lately. There aren’t many cool, hidden lil’ antique stores on the island that aren’t overpriced.

    But to make up for it, my car is filled w/ random crap I find interesting that I spot lying on the ground, ie. lil plastic finger puppet that looks like PacMan w/ arms, small dinosaur, lil headless sea turtle figurine, 8ball keychain, cool wooden asian hairclip, piece of coral that looks like an ear, a curled metal fork?!? Ya know, stuff like that. Drives Taryn nuts. Wish we had more stores to venture too.

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