Scott & Caren

Ahhh, the month of May. Full of back-to-back birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and, of course, weddings. Mmmm. This past Saturday was no exception. Ben’s cousin Scott joined in holy matrimony with Caren and the lovely couple became Mr. & Mrs. Innes. Now, to be honest the day started out cold and ugly with unwanted rain showers. Big fat rain drops threatened to ruin perfectly-done curls and dry-cleaned suits all around. Brides ran to-and-fro, telling themselves that it was the happiest day of their lives but still having to squint from blustery winds. It was kind of a sad sight.

Funny thing is that when Scott and Caren came out to be greeted, they didn’t have to go through any of that nonsense. Mr. Sun was back and all the clouds finally behaved. The day for Scott and Caren was, simply put, perfect.

Isn’t Caren beautiful! She was stunning in her dress (which fit her like a GLOVE). I adore this picture with the wind billowing up under her gown and her laugh…all so natural.

Scott and Caren’s reception followed at 7 pm. When Ben and I walked into her parent’s backyard, we were greeted with rich tones of purple, green, blue and silver. It was absolutely beautiful! The peacock feather accents had just the right touch of elegance while the cotton candy treats made things fun. There was an old-fashioned ambiance with children running around in purple and grown ups stuffing their faces with sugar-clouds. But I especially loved the details. Ohh, the amount of detail that went into this evening was spectacular! Everything from the ferris-wheel picture frame to the feathers to the antique-looking chest on display looked amazing and none of it was coincidental. It was all a sign of good planning.

And of course the car-decorating soon followed. Austin topped it off with a (cotton candy) cone and actual cotton candy (all in the most literal sense) until it was later removed by someone who found it not-so amusing. But another cone soon found its way back up :)

I wish Caren and Scott the very best in their marriage-voyage and hope they have oodles of fun in Disneyland!!! That’s where they went on their honey moon…cute huh :)


6 thoughts on “Scott & Caren

  1. Shan says:

    Great pictures, Ang!

    So…this is what I figure…
    when I get married you’ll not only design my announcements, but you’ll also be my photographer. :)

  2. Me says:

    PS: I like Austin in the background of Jimmy’s and Kate’s picture.

  3. Cheri & Jim says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The composition was so striking! You captured so much emotion and feeling — we are so impressed with the quality of pictures (and loved your comments)!Jim is working on a photo book to capture the dating, courtship, marriage prep, & marriage of S&C. When completed he thinks it may be 250-300 pgs. He was wondering if he could have your permission to use the photos that you posted along w/your narrative. He would create a section with a subtitle page that give you credit for your work. It would say something to the effect of “photos by Angella Watterson”. If you grant permission, would it be possible to get the photos w/o your “thought pantry” moniker on them? Thanks so much for taking the gorgeous photos in the first place!! You are a doll! and such a blessing to our family. Just let us know one way or the other! Love, Jim & Cheri

    • Hi Aunt Cheri!! Oh I am so glad you like them. You absolutely have my permission to use these images! I will send it to your email if that works. So excited to see this album Uncle Jim is putting together…it’s going to look beautiful! Thank you again for letting me and Ben celebrate with you guys. It was absolutely stunning how much work went into the day and I’m sure Scott & Caren thought so too. (P.S. No need to make a credit page for me in your album haha….just lay it out however you like it….I will send you ones without the watermark logo). Lots of love!

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