May 21 (a rapturous day)

May really is the month of mirth (and, according to some, apocalyptic…but those guys are just party poopers). I went to a baby shower this Saturday for my close friend – one that I’ve been waiting for many-a-moons. It was just as I envisioned. Countless family and friends streaming through the door…towering gifts…delicious foods…an impressive diaper cake handmade by Val’s sister and friend. And you can’t forget little Boston, the happiest little Yorkie who went around saying hello to everyone. Val had so much love and support that it took her nearly two hours to open all her gifts! Let’s just say that this baby’s wardrobe puts mine to shame.

The cutest knit shoes handmade by Val’s grandma.

The most beautiful baby blanket, handmade by Greg’s grandma. Look at all the appliques! And those baby animals in the hot air balloon are freaking adorable .

But one of my favorite parts of the shower was when we got to make hair bows for Baby Boyles. Mel had laid out a basket of ribbons, buttons, fabric and glue guns….we just had to use our creative juices. I had no clue what I was doing, so I just copied Kasey, Alli and Wendy’s lovely twist-flower design (you simply cut a long strip of fabric and twist it into a cinnamon roll while gluing down the sides as you go). Voila!

Here is everyone’s beautiful work, clipped onto a frame. This is perfect because I have a feeling the baby will have lots of hair!


2 thoughts on “May 21 (a rapturous day)

  1. Vicki says:

    Angella, you make us look so organized and creative. You should have been there 5 minutes before noon. We were frantic! Thanks for coming. I’m really jealous of creative people like you.

    • Hi Vicki! I can’t imagine you guys being frantic at all….your house was beautiful and immaculate! Thank you for inviting me to the party and for the amazing time. You and Mel deserve a triple round of applause.

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