birthday girl

On June 4th, 2010 (exactly one year ago from yesterday) we adopted Curie Napolean Watterson. The cleverest and most audacious mini schnauzer in all of Cache Valley. So in celebration of Curie turning 9 years old, we serenaded her with canine cookies and Cesar’s best!

She also got a brand new collar (goodbye dirt-encrusted blue one!) I’m ashamed to admit this, but when we were at PetSmart I actually went up to Ben holding up a bright red collar…decked out in diamonds. DIAMONDS!!! I know…what have I become. He told me to get rid of it immediately and I eventually came to my senses.

I thought a wet doggy cake just wouldn’t be the same without a candle, so we made a quick trip to the dollar store. If you squint just right, it could almost pass for chocolate cake. Almost.

Here is Curie, right as we were singing Happy Birthday to her (I think she was a little confused). Now I didn’t fully understand the phrase “wolfing it down” until today. I have never, EVER seen Curie eat something so fast in all the 365 days we’ve known her. After taking one sniff and realizing what lay before her, she simply took the whole chunk of meat into her suddenly-enormous mouth and swallowed it whole. Two seconds. Gone. Voltaire was more than happy to help her finish some cookies.

And here is the only good photo I got of Curie today (which I changed to black and white to make it more dramatic). She hates taking pictures and was very reluctant to hold still. We love you Curie girl!


2 thoughts on “birthday girl

  1. Taryn says:

    Hmm… the fillet mignon flavored food must be a delicacy for dogs. If you didn’t tell me those were dog cookies, I’d probably eat one by accident. Haha

  2. Missy says:

    How do you know when her birthday is???

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