top 5 cartoon dads

I’m paying a late homage to Father’s Day by listing here the top 5 animated dads of all time. Now, there were a lot of other contestants like Papa Smurf, Fred Flinstone and even Bible-thumping Ned Flanders who were considered but just didn’t make the cut. But better to be on this boat than the other one – WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM! Sorry Jack Torrance, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Agamemnon, Victor Frankenstein and the Biblical Abraham. I realize that Father’s Day might’ve been awkward for you after you tried to axe your kid in half or just straight up abandoned him just because he was kind of ugly.

So! In no particular order…

#5 – Marlin from Finding Nemo

My heart really goes out to this dad who’s overly protective of his son for good reason (the rest of his 399 unborn children AND his wife were murdered by a Barracuda so…you can imagine). Marlin proves that he will go to any length to find his lost boy. Not only does he run into sharks, struggles with an Anglerfish in the deep sea and dodges hypnotic, zapping jellyfish…he does this all while dealing with a naïve and chatty Regal Tang with short-term memory loss. THEN he has to deal with the very likely possibility that he will be shaken to death by an overly-excited Darla and makes a traumatic escape out of the sink plug-hole (which in reality might not have worked because of the level of treatment water goes through before leading to the ocean). Wow, all this for a baby clownfish? Some dads won’t even change a diaper (cough…David Bowie…cough).

#4 – The Great Prince of the Forest from Bambi

Here’s a father who reminds me of my own – calm, very quiet and a little bit mysterious. He’s the oldest and most powerful stag in the forest and doesn’t make a real appearance until after Bambi’s mother is shot (a depressing scene we all remember too well that left us doe-eyed and maimed…pretty sure the five year old me was writhing on the floor, foaming at the mouth). There is a short scene before this where Bambi’s father arrives just in time to press Bambi and his mother out of the meadow before a hunter can shoot them (his first patriarchal performance). And even though he wasn’t really there for the first half of Bambi’s life, he was there when Bambi most needed him (telling him that “Your mother can’t be with you anymore”…a very chilling moment that gave me goosebumps as a kid). I imagine the father-son relationship must’ve been solemn but true (where they occasionally butted antlers for fun and told deer-jokes in hushed tones). At the end of the film, Faline (Bambi’s…wife?) gives birth to twin fawns, a boy and a girl. Bambi stands watch on a large hill, all proud and mighty, while the Great Prince silently turns and walks away, signaling the era of a new prince. Oh it’s all very magestic.

#3 – Popeye the Sailor Man

Here’s a fictional hero who you wouldn’t imagine as being the fatherly type, but low and behold Popeye is the foster father of Swee’Pea, an infant foundling left on his doorstep in a 1933 strip. According to Wiki: “Popeye adopts and raises (Swee’Pea) as his son, or, as he puts it “boy-kid.” Initially, Swee’Pea’s speech consisted entirely of the sound “glop”. As the years went on, Swee’Pea apparently aged enough to speak normally and could throw punches if necessary; however, his appearance remained that of a crawling baby. In the strip for August 17, 1933, Popeye christens Swee’Pea as ‘Scooner Seawell Georgia Washenting Christiffer Columbia Daniel Boom’. Although Swee’Pea remains his most common sobriquet, he is occasionally referred to as Scooner by Popeye.” To me, Popeye always seemed like the stereotypical “tough dad” with his grossly beefy forearms, anchor tattoos, mumbled speech and corncob pipe which he toots like a steamship’s whistle (so cool!) But the fact that he’s raising a kid not of his own blood makes him all the more admirable. And you know that when he feeds Swee’Pea a spoonful of spinach, it’s really coming from the heart.

#2 – Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver

Okay, so he isn’t a cartoon character but he might as well be. Mr. Cleaver…you know he’s got a sense of humor for giving his son that nick name. My dad would always watch this show, every night without fail (I think he still does) and I thought the whole thing was very square at first. Set in a period where it’s perfectly normal for Ward and his wife to sleep in separate twin beds, Mr. Cleaver is a good-natured, understanding man who gives his sons moral instructions regarding their choices and behavior in pretty much every episode. Beaver always gets into some kind of a rut, whether it’s hiding a pet alligator in his room or getting a black eye and then getting lessons from his dad on how to defend himself. But now looking back, I really like Ward and June’s unruffled, pleasantly stern method of child rearing which of course reflected the whole iconic postwar American family dream (better than watching that angry mom beat her kids up in the cereal aisle eh?) Mr. Beaver always made a concerted effort to have conversations with his kids, sometimes at the dinner table or off to side, one on one. And we all know…communication is key!

#1 – MUFASA from the Lion King

This father needs no intro. He was so proud with the birth of his son that he had the entire animal kingdom bow down before him while he dangled Simba over the edge of a cliff (after the giant monkey slapped some goo on his forehead). As if to say “Look, me make baby, good work papa lion. Rawr.” And on a personal note, after seeing Mufasa I never thought Simba’s mane matched up to his father’s (it never looked as big and full…don’t you agree?) Mufasa not only teaches his son the delicate balance of all living things, talks to him about the fine line between bravery and arrogance, and warmly teaches Simba that the great kings of the past are always up in the stars, but he lays his life down for the little guy during a wildebeest stampede (does anyone see a trend in cartoon parent deaths? Mufasa, Bambi’s mom, Littlefoot’s mom…) Anyways, Mufasa is pretty much the most macho dad ever, voiced by a not-so-good dad from the space age. I find it impossible to say his name really fast without giggling like a hyena.


172 thoughts on “top 5 cartoon dads

  1. Mufasa is definitely the greatest cartoon dad. :)

  2. I heart Marlin. Such a great combination of obsessive helicopter dad and dad who knows he must let go — if only a little. We’ve all had the desire to wrap our kids in bubble wrap…and he overcame that (only to be slapped in the face by it!).

    Great list…


    • Marlin really is great. I read somewhere that technically when a male clown fish loses their mate, they turn female? That would change the whole movie :)

      • Ells says:

        I heard that on QI – so I believe that it’s true. Definitely a very different film if he’d set off to find Nemo as a male fish, and slowly turned female on the way…

        Could have been interesting though!

      • That’s an interesting and slightly disturbing fact.

        The more you know …!

  3. Sajib says:

    I only watched Popeye (which I don’t see it these days in Cartoon Network. Anyone knows what happened to it?) and Finding Nemo. Another dad I can never forget is Gru from Despicable Me. Not really a dad, but he adopts three little girls and becomes a superdad! If you haven’t watched already, please take your time to watch Despicable Me. You won’t regret it.

  4. banbamama says:

    I thought of Mufasa before I even got to the end of your post. He is a favourite in our house. My kids like to play imaginary Lion King. My daughter usually takes the role of Simba, my husband Mufasa and I am Nala. On days when the husband is absent I get the Mufasa role and have to don my deepest voice :)
    In saying that, as likeable as Mufasa is I would not want to be in his bad books.
    I love your post. Brought a smile to my face :)

  5. banbamama says:

    Forgot to mention for anyone that watches the British cartoon Peppa Pig, Daddy Pig is a winner too!

  6. pezcita says:

    Great post! You make me want to watch the Lion King again. I wonder if there are so many cartoon animal deaths because many animals do lose their parents at an early age (often due to human carelessness)? At least some of the smaller and friendlier of these animals find adoptive parents. That was the subject of my Father’s Day blog post “Happy Father’s Day from Your Adopted Pet”.

    Happy (Belated) Father’s Day!

  7. wadingacross says:

    Evidently you have absolutely no understanding about Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, the culture then or the Bible, much less God. Bu then, you show your cards when you leave out Ned Flanders and call him a Bible thumper.

    Or you’re trying to be completely tongue-in-cheek and failing at it.

    In your list however, I’d have to go with Marlin.

    Hey, at least you acknowledge that the unborn can be murdered. That’s abortion every day on this planet.

  8. incessantme says:

    What an innovative and fun way to put the message across ! Loved it !
    Congrats on FP !

  9. jow66789abcd says:

    Those arent all cartoons

    • I know -__- You caught me.

    • lostprophegy says:

      Sadly that was my first thought on review of the fathers. I have yet to see Finding Nemo, and only saw popeye without a kid, so I can only see two to choose from. Mufasa was the definite win for me though.

      But I almost hate to think much on this subject because in most toons, the parents are either killed or have already met with an unfortunate death. The great tragedy of all good stories.

  10. totally agree with the no.1 pick.. Mufasa from Lion king takes away my vote.. every time i see the scene where he saves Simba and smiles at him while he talks to simba.. he is the perfect dad. nice thought.. great work :)

  11. Constance says:

    Mufasa of course!

  12. Jim says:

    Since you’re willing to include cartoon-ish live action movie dads, I nominate Andy Hardy’s in the series with Mickey Rooney. As much as I love those movies, I’ve always thought the actor playing the dad was ‘way too old for the part, and therefore kinda sorta cartoony — not that that’s a bad thing . . .

  13. samantha guy says:

    this is wierd!!!!:)

  14. tokyo5 says:

    Nice list. On Fathers Day, I didn’t make a list of the best fictional fathers…but simply the first five that came to mind.

  15. Monica says:

    Mufasa is my fave out of the given. He’s the DAD..too bad he died early :(

  16. Hmm, what about the honorary dads in Ice Age? Great post. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  17. Lakia Gordon says:

    Hahahaha great post! I would agree that Mufasa definitely deserves the number one spot! :)

  18. laylalu says:

    I think this is an awesome blog :)

  19. Liz Benitez says:

    Love Lion King and Finding Nemo, great picks.

  20. aaah mufasa! what a great post, congrats on fp!

  21. Rebekah says:

    I read this with my dad, and he agrees, Mufasa is the best. And he wishes he could’ve had our entire town bow down when I was born! haha.

  22. Mèo Lười Việt says:

    I like Mr Atticus as a dad in “To kill a mocking bird” though my Dad was not as calm as he but he reminds me of my Dad a lot and Scott reminds me of my childhood. A kind of tomboy with the same haircut. Exactly the same.

  23. Niarrow says:

    Cause I never watch Lion King before :P

  24. wolke205 says:

    Mufasa & Marlin are both awesome :)

  25. mastalife says:

    I have to agree that Marlin and Mufasa are 2 of the top cartoon dads! I love both movies and both dads. Mufasa’s death makes my eyes misty everytime!

  26. Liz says:

    Hm…not sure Bambi’s dad was as influential as he could have been. :) I dig on King Triton from the Little Mermaid with his nervous over-protection of his young daughter. Good post!

  27. Chatter Master says:

    Ward and Mufasa would definitely be on the tip of my tongue for all time favorites. Though when talking “cartoon” dads I don’t think I would have pulled Ward out of the hat, but I’m glad you included him. But these 2 dads are the best. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the mane!!! Great post. Enjoyed it.

  28. KLooDoo says:

    As a comic book fan, I have to add Jor-El… the dude created a shuttle to put his baby on to save him from an exploding planet, while he and his wife perished with their planet, and he created a way to teach his son along his growth after his death… solid father.

    I did two father’s day posts if interested in quick daily picture puzzles:

  29. Mindy says:

    What?! No Mr. Incredible?

  30. rnoelr says:

    I am of the age that Dr. Benton Quest was someone I looked forward to watching when I got home after school as he took Jonny and crew on fabulous adventures. What about Mr. Incredible? He is a great super hero comic father too. You missed them both.

  31. In Western Europe The Grass is Juicy says:

    What would the world be without fathers?

  32. kmurphy16 says:

    I thought Peter from Family Guy was going to be included! Oh, well, it still made me smile. And also I loved it.

  33. Kyco says:

    Wasn’t Nemo the one who was going to get shaken to death by Darla? It’s been a while since I’ve watched Finding Nemo… but that doesn’t detract from Marlin’s awesomeness at all. I definitely teared up during that movie.

    And Mufasa – YES.

  34. d1esel6 says:

    really? and this makes the front page of wordpress… WOW!!
    LOL!!! anyway i think you missed out a lot of great dads (and since when is Leave it To Beaver a cartoon?) but it’s awesome you put in the time to post this and that you have a great following (wishing to get that someday myself)

  35. Shanimal says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post. I am lame, but this post is not!

    The Lion King was actually the first movie I ever cried in. It’s just so…sad. Mufasa getting killed for the catty Simba.

    And, also, I think Peter Griffith deserves some sort of recognition. I’ve never seen any other dad love their daughter so much!

    Speaking of which, did you realize that all the dads you posted about only have sons? What’s up with that?!

  36. K.Mitchell says:

    This was a nice blog.

  37. socialtrail says:

    Hi. Nice Post.. A really unusual topic, but entertaining. Congrats for being featured on Freshly pressed !

  38. eva626 says:

    mufasa is a great dad!

  39. Curry says:

    As a father of two, I’d definately pick Mufasa! The only cartoon I wouldn’t ind watching over and over if they stop with Yo Gabba Gabba lol

  40. This is a good list.

    I have one addition and its from a far different type of movie than you have listed.

    The relationship between Johnny Depp and Ray Liotta’s characters in “Blow” was very touching, as was the relationship between Man and Boy in “The Road”.

    • The end of Blow actually made my teary. The cover of “The Road” actually reminds me of “Road to Perdition” which also shows a touching relationship between father and son.

  41. Eva McCane says:

    mufasa rocks my world. i love them all. but i must say, the other day i was watching some old episodes of popeye with my son, and i think he has a bit of a temper.

    • Haha, you have a point. I was reading up Popeye’s wiki about him and his son and it says that Swee’Pea can throw punches occasionally (which I’m sure he learned from the best).

  42. newsy1 says:

    Not a cartoon dad but the dad from an old tv show of the 50’s called Father Knows Best. His name was Jim Anderson in the show and I forgot his real name. He went on to play a doctor in Marcus Welby M.D. in the 1960’s. I was pretty small but I remember thinking what a cool, calm dad he was.

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  44. Ugogo says:

    I like this post!

    Popeye Better be sweet to his kid. lol . with those punches
    he’ll be jailed for life. lol :D

  45. Loveink says:

    I love Marlin & Mufasa! Good choices :)

  46. I didn’t even know Popeye was a father! I completely agree about the #1 dad, Mufasa- he was the father I immediately thought of when I read the blog title. Oh, and since you threw Ward Cleaver in there, I thought I’d mention another old TV dad- Andy Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show. I used to think he was the coolest dad ever. :)


  47. Jupiter says:

    My faves other than Marlin would be Nigel Thornberry, Homer Simpson,Papa Smurf…and the dad on Phineas & Ferb (mostly just because he’s Riff Raff from Rocky Horror)

  48. kipie99 says:

    mufasa is definitaly the best dad, but did you notice that too out of five of them are dead!!! that is really sad, but it is a awsome post congrats on being freshley pressed. and also leave it to beaver’s dad is NOT a cartoon dad. lol

  49. Excellent post.
    Agreed on all points.

    I do want to float Ricardo Montalban’s “Grandpa” in the Spy Kids franchise for an honorary mention.

  50. sangterasing says:

    Marlin is kind a cute-confused daddy, but with brave within himself to save his son…

    But above all, Mufasa is all i can agree…

  51. myfilthyroom says:

    I’m surprised Zeus from that Hercules movie didn’t make the cut. Nice list still.

  52. This is so sweet. Family love!

  53. coupons says:

    hey dont forget Yogi bear :)

  54. aspiebabe says:

    Mufasa, I have to say is the best dad ever. And Marlin is also amazing. One that I don’t see on here that i thought I would see was Ariel’s father. He loved her so much that he allowed her to go to her true love. He didn’t cling onto her. But I must say that Mufasa does beat King tritan!

  55. Nemo’s father was fantastic! Good List :)

  56. Great post! I’d give an honorable mention to Maurice (Belle’s dad in the Disney “Beauty and the Beast”) who was willing to risk his life to save his daughter. Congrats on FP too!

  57. […] I'm paying a late homage to Father's Day by listing here the top 5 animated dads of all time. Now, there were a lot of other contestants like Papa Smurf, Fred Flinstone and even Bible-thumping Ned Flanders who were considered but just didn't make the cut. But better to be on this boat than the other one – WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM! Sorry Jack Torrance, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Agamemnon, Victor Frankenstein and the Biblical Abraham … Read More […]

  58. caseykayb says:

    Mufasa is definitely the best of the ones you have listed, but I always wanted Homer Simpson as a father (as opposed to my real one) when I was growing up. Although, I think the absolute best cartoon father would be Stu Pickles (and the without-a-doubt best grandfather is Grandpa Lou). Despite that, very good list you have there!

  59. Perfect list. I like Mufasa the most. The voice and the words were just powerful. Almost spiritual and applicable to both kids and adults. congrats.

  60. hissimplelook says:

    Great fathers!

  61. […] I'm paying a late homage to Father's Day by listing here the top 5 animated dads of all time. Now, there were a lot of other contestants like Papa Smurf, Fred Flinstone and even Bible-thumping Ned Flanders who were considered but just didn't make the cut. But better to be on this boat than the other one – WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM! Sorry Jack Torrance, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Agamemnon, Victor Frankenstein and the Biblical Abraham … Read More […]

  62. Brad says:

    In an ideal world I would like to be like Mufasa, but in the real world I feel more like Marlin. It is so had to always do the right thing. As our kids grow it’s hard to know when to know when to cut the apron strings and to let the kid grow and allow them to make mistakes (safely) and to be there to pick up the pieces when they do.

  63. Just Imagine says:

    I love marlin!!! Hes so cute !! :)

  64. Oh yeah, Popeye is one big badass daddy :)

  65. Sheetal says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) :) :)
    very very cute :)

  66. TweeCo says:

    Great list!
    Another remarkable cartoon daddy is the Chinese Goose of Kung Fu Panda (Po’s dad)

  67. eduardo7 says:

    Great election, Marlian and Mufasa are the greatest cartoon dads

  68. […] From Marlin to Lion King’s Mufasa – The Cartoon Industry’s Top 5 patriarchs […]

  69. I wish marlin was nearer the top! He was such a true dad!!
    How about Mel Gibson a Benjamin Martin in The Patriot? He made me weep.

  70. wanggits says:

    Mufasa is the best dad of my choice !! love this blog ! :)

  71. auliarahman says:

    you choose the right five man :) i love them all, i love my father, we love our father, always :)

  72. jhoesaphad says:

    mufasa from the lion king…

  73. whatsaysyou says:

    Wonderful post and keep it up. Marlin from Finding Nemo is cool.

  74. ennospace says:

    Great father, great post, and great memory! Miss all the cartoon characters!!

  75. Cherszy says:

    Aww.. Mufasa! I loved that guy, err, lion! Childhood memories! Lion King is probably one of those cartoon films that I won’t get tired of watching. It’s just so beautiful! And Mufasa’s totally a lovely charcter, raising Simba in a heartwarming yet stern way and ruling over an empire in a very kind kingly manner.

    If this post wasn’t just about cartoon fathers, I’d probably suggest you include Burt Hummel from Glee who is still the best father figure I’ve encountered in media so far. His supportive and accepting personality just makes my heart melt every time. He’s just a great father! :)

  76. Jay says:

    all fathers have good roles, i wonder what gifts you would give them if they was your own father

  77. bydcompany says:

    i like it , thanks for your share

  78. CONIEFOX says:

    Fantastic! Great post

  79. jandablogofmedia says:

    Great list, I always thought Woody as a metaphorical father to Andy in Toy Story was a good one and all! But fo sho Mufasa as the best!!

  80. Such a cute post! I like! (:

  81. K~ says:

    From the moment I read the title of this post, I knew Mufasa would be #1. Such a great dad :)

  82. bonkasaurus says:

    Fantastic post. Interesting topic. I completely agree with your number 1 being Mufasa, but Marlin swam across an entire ocean to find Nemo he should be higher :).

    -Bianca at

  83. sgmarinova says:

    I wish Darth Vader was in the Best Dads category, that would have been so great “Im your father, and I love you, so I will cut your hand… Also, you are hotter than me, which buggs me. Oh, yes, and you are making out with your sister.”
    Marlin rocks my world though… with his sea jokes.

  84. Tabbi Simenc says:

    I teared up when I read the bit about Mufasa, he is truly the number one dad (evidenced by the fact Simba becomes a pretty great dad to Kiara in the sequel, he had a good example).

  85. Agas Treva says:

    I also like watching cartoons with my family

  86. biavela says:

    i love Mufasa!

  87. It’s a split between Mufasa and Marlin!

  88. rkeefe57 says:

    I grew up with Ward Cleaver as the prototypical Dad. No matter how badly the Beaver screwed up, Ward was always there for him.

    My favorite TV Dad (although he might as well of been a cartoon too, was John Robinson, from Lost in Space. My Dad never came home with a flying saucer and a robot…

    It’s little wonder Ward was so congenial around the dinner table, as he, (Hugh Beaumont), narrated the classic 1950 educational film, “How to have a Family Dinner: A Date with your Family.”

    The “straight” version is hilarious enough by 2011 standards, “Tell Mother how good the food is. Maybe Sis rates a complement, too. It makes them want to continue pleasing you.”:

    But the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version is insanely funny, though probably not suitable for work.

  89. matthewhyde says:

    I can’t add much because I agree that Mufasa and Marlin are the two winners out of this list. Great post though!

  90. candice88 says:

    Ncaaaw that made my day :) Love Mufasa and Marlin!

  91. chefpriyanka says:

    LOVE this top 5 list.. i would have to add King Triton- Ariel’s father to the list.. he’s a pretty cool dude haha

  92. Slamdunk says:

    Fun topic.

    Yes, I’d list Popeye and Marlin as in my top list as well.

  93. I’ll have to take your word on the stag from Bambi…I’ve never seen that movie. I think I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t!

  94. Great list! Definitely thought provoking. I totally agree with Mufasa being the #1. Have to disagree on Biblical Abraham making the WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM.

  95. mylibrarycardworeout says:

    I completely agree with them all. Great post – so heartwarming! :)

  96. Dee says:

    I thought it was cartoon dads! So I was a little disappointed with Ward – Leave it to Beaver dad – oh well! I can see how he is kind of cartoonish since the series is upbeat, and a loving – stereotypical – family of the time. This was a really unique and fun idea for celebrating fathers day, and I really enjoyed it!

  97. Shiney says:

    I was reading this post thinking but where’s…..MUFASA!!! There you are! Lol! Gotta save the best for last. Love the list! :)

  98. I think Marlin deserves a higher place on the list because he risked his life multiple times to find his son. Well, at least I’d put him higher on my list if I had one (maybe I’ll do that on my Dad’s birthday if you don’t mind me stealing your idea- ha ha).

    Also, I think Homer Simpson is a good dad! I submit the following evidence: 1) The episode “And Maggie Makes 3” Homer plasters his work area with pictures of Maggie so as to make his plaque that reads, “Don’t forget, you’re here forever” to read “Do it for her.” 2) The episode “Bart on the Road” when Lisa and Homer have a sleep over at the nuclear power plant. Sure, he’s misguided sometimes, but he has a good heart.

  99. gaycarboys says:

    Cute posting. What about Mr Bady LOL

  100. gaycarboys says:

    Of course I meant Brady!!

  101. ahhh Mufasa. Lion King still gets me when he dies.
    And Marlin is definitely one of the best dads!

    Congratulations on FP

  102. I would vote for all of them, it’s so hard to choose…but I LOVE sailor’s uniforms! Pop-Eye wins!

  103. montagua says:

    Oh man it’s a tie between Nemo’s dad and Mufasa for me. Two very awesome cartoon movies and two awesome dads :P

  104. chrissie says:

    I love Finding Nemo. Marlin is the best :)

  105. Alethea says:

    Mufasa is the best dad…I still get goosebumps when I hear his voice :D

  106. Dian Wijayanti says:

    True, true! When I first read this, I kept wondering whether you’re gonna put Mufasa on the list, because he’s the one popped out in my head as soon as I read your blog post title! And it turns out you did!! Awesome! This is the coolest list ever!

  107. Thought this post was great! Definitely agree with Mufasa being the greatest! (:

  108. Old S says:

    That’s an AMAZING blog post.

  109. Mufasa’s mane is better !! Didn’t think anyone else noticed! Lion King <3

  110. Emily Warren says:

    Haha! I love it!

  111. harmonylael says:

    MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DEFINATLY POPEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. mikeythegnarly says:

    Marlin = Win

  113. After watching Finding Nemo a number of times since my baby discovered tv I would have to vote Marlin as best dad although he’s not a funny clown fish he is an awesome Dad!

  114. We all are inspired from these cartoons since our childhood and we still love to watch them… I love all the characters. Thanx for this wonderful post!!

  115. i love all the films you post. lion king and bambi makes me cry :’)) really love you post! :D

  116. […] I'm paying a late homage to Father's Day by listing here the top 5 animated dads of all time. Now, there were a lot of other contestants like Papa Smurf, Fred Flinstone and even Bible-thumping Ned Flanders who were considered but just didn't make the cut. But better to be on this boat than the other one – WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM! Sorry Jack Torrance, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Agamemnon, Victor Frankenstein and the Biblical Abraham … Read More […]

  117. Meg says:

    if you think about it, disney films are all a bit sad, scary and somewhat depressing. i can’t watch bambi without crying..or the lion king..

    • Definitely agree. I took a college course called Children’s Literature which totally bashed Disney films because they don’t hold true to the original German/Euro fairy tales!

  118. ihsanashi says:

    ah the Lion King, my favorite childhood movie! definitely agree that Mufasa is the king of cartoon dads, but I’d put up Marlin higher in that list!

  119. crgamatan says:

    I do agree that Marlin and Mufasa should belong to this list. :) Their fatherly sweetness really made me cry.

  120. admin says:

    I enjoyed reading this post… Great report.

  121. Great blog! I find it a very unique perspective view. My favorite dad would have to be Mufasa, he’s almost a godlike figure. I believe that each type of dad serves a unique purpose in their family.

  122. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    Nice list! You could probably add Family Guy’s Peter Griffin to the list of worst fathers.

    • Haha agreed. Makes me think of the episode where Peter farts in the car and makes Meg endure the smell. Or when he sells Meg into slavery to work for Neil so she can pay off his debt :)

  123. lgreenlow says:

    Popeye is definitely funny. He gets in a fight everyday. The best on your list is Marlin. I like Barney Rubble. When are you blogging about the best cartoon moms. Gotta love Wilma Flintstone topping the list.

  124. tobyzwebsite says:

    Great story (Homage)

  125. kawmeenar says:

    I think Timmy Turner’s dad from Fairly Oddparents was a hilarious guy. Good dad? No, not really. But his Dinkleberg comments were always one of the best long-running jokes of the series.

    Aside from Finding Nemo, another great dad is Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. Big guy, big heart.

  126. OMG! I was reading down your list and thinking that I would suggest Mufasa in a comment but then it was on the list!

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