beautiful bottles

I think some of the best product designs in the world can be seen on bottles. I’ve come across some that are so clever, so sleek and so striking that I can’t help but save the images in a folder on my desktop labeled “bottles” (pun intended). I mean, have you ever come across a Vodka bottle that’s badly designed? No, never. They’re always encased in some kind of a crystal orb or column with a majestic elk peeking out from a frosty back…perfect typography scrolling along the bottom (perhaps a snarky phrase in Polish that makes rich people chuckle).

My fascination for bottles may in fact be linked to my fascination for transparent things (I wrote a blog entry about this a few months back). But it’s more than just the glass itself. It’s the contour of the glass. The crisp labels. The witty concepts behind the packaging. So here’s a list of my 16 favorite bottle designs which I think are either fun, clever, sleek, creative, outrageous and/or beautiful. Enjoy!

Antipodes Spring Water
A modern take on the old-fashioned New Zealand beer flask.

Cavalierino Organic Winery
Designer Lorenzo Ottaviani

Norksk Ol
Designer Ryanna Christianson

One of the biggest organic farms in Denmark.

Udder-shaped milk bottle designed to help consumers understand that soy milk is just as healthy as regular milk.

Evian Limited Edition Palace Bottle
Designer Christian Lacroix
Two versions – Evian pret-a-porter (frosted lace pattern on bottle) and Haute Couture (a glass bottle in the shape of an ice queen)


Good Ol Sailor Vodka
Designer Mattias Brodén
Sweden’s first vodka in PET bottle.

Westmalle Tripel
Designer Jess McGeachin
Four-pack box and bottle design include the iconography of a church steeple and stained glass windows.

1000 Acres Vodka
Designer Arnell

Designer Jenny Pan (part of MFA portfolio)

Baïonnette absinthe bottle (student work)
Designer Kjetil Olstad

Sidecar Publicidad
A set of seven Rioja wines that represent the seven deadly sins.

Otokoyama Sake
Designer Jamie Conkleton
I LOVE this concept – the purest sake is emphasized by the completely opaque white bottle while the ultra-refined pure sake is in a transparent one.

Arla Milk
Designer Neumeister
A portable milk bottle that fits the lifestyle of younger people on the go.

Designer Casa Mariol
Label wraps around the bottle with the help of a rubber band (no adhesives needed). Once the wine is finished, the bottle can be returned and the label has also a second life as a poster with this message about 2010: “Got a feeling it’s gonna be a good year”.


5 thoughts on “beautiful bottles

  1. Kim says:

    The Evian Bottle is very amazing :)
    Like it lots!

  2. unsparetreat says:

    I love packaging! beautiful.

    • Agreed! It is such an art (that is usually overlooked).

      • unsparetreat says:

        My guilty secret pleasure on my day off was to go to the perfume and makeup departments at Saks or Bloomies, nicer stores, and just wander through the aisles checking out all the cases. Perfume was the best, the bottles, boxes, ribbons, photo ads, so extravagant and so “high stakes” marketing I thought. I love Coach, not just the bag, but the dust bag, box and shopping bag…
        The perfume pounding harpies ruined that pleasure somewhat for me. Why don’t they realize it’s not the smell in the bottle we’re desiring?

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