A cooking miracle

As most of you know, I am NOT a cook. I’ve never had a red thumb (the kitchen version of a green thumb) which is kind of funny because my mom whisks together amazing Korean dishes every day (the proof is in the roundness of my dad’s belly). So you’d think I learned a thing or two from the master chef, but in reality my stomach was pampered for eighteen years. I never had to lift a spatula, marinate chicken or ferment my own vegetables!

As it turns out, I received the greatest cook book ever from our friends Val and Greg (who put it together themselves for my birthday!) It was just the motivation I needed, and after flipping through all the pages I actually felt something…something strange. A glowing ember of desire to….wait what’s this? Make a home-cooked meal??? Wow. There might be hope for Ben yet.

I ended up making Bulgogi and ham-fried rice! If you don’t already know, bulgogi is a Korean dish consisting of marinated barbecued beef. Quick fact – did you know that bulgogi flavoured fast-food hamburgers are sold at many Korean fast-food restaurants? So. Cool. Anyways, it was my first time cooking a Korean dish and I was feeling pretty proud of myself (kind of like when a kid drops a couple of pop tarts into a toaster for the first time and calls it a meal). I even wore a cute blue apron with white ruffles (courtesy of Val and Greg). That’s about as house-wife as I’ll ever get.

Voila! It was so, SO delicious and very easy to make. So much better than pasta-roni or instant mashed potatoes.


2 thoughts on “A cooking miracle

  1. Val says:

    Mmmm…. that looks great! :)

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