Motivational Monday / The Power Adventure

The last 5-6 days have been CRAZY! Just got back from our Florida vacation and now I get to do that thing Demetri Martin once said…look through my digital camera and reminisce instantly.

A quick download of what the hubby, our friend Peter and I embarked on:

– Cruised through Miami and soaked up the sun on South Beach
– Walked up and down the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk while picking up seashells (which, by the way, look just like the perfect and generic shells you see in movies or scrap books)
– Drove for 3 hours down to Key West, the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys, and went on the Sebago POWER ADVENTURE! You basically ride a 60’ Catamaran for a spectacular 6-hour excursion sailing the crystal blue waters off Key West (only 80 miles away from Cuba). We snorkeled the Living Coral Reef, road on a banana boat at high speed causing me to fall off three times (which was way more fun than I thought it would be), rode behind Ben on a jetski (kinda James Bond-ish), parasailed high above the waters, and ate a buffet breakfast and lunch!
– Went back to the Catamaran for a beautiful sunset sail
– Shopped at Duval Street (a big bar and restaurant district) and accepted the fact that I was a tourist
– Toured the South Florida Everglades on an air boat (a roofless boat with a giant fan at the end) in hopes of seeing alligators

Two beached whales.

The drive down to Key West. Florida has some of the most amazing clouds…so fluffy and white. Very Super Mario-ish.

I swam with multiple schools of fish. It was surreal! Even saw a glimpse of a Nerf Shark.

We got dropped three times and happily dipped our feet into the water. We could see everything above including a passing sting ray.

My one and only complaint about Florida is the deadly humidity. Since I’m from Maui, I figured I could handle it…right? Wrong. I felt like there was no point in ever taking a shower because as soon as you left the safety of your air conditioned hotel, the sticky hot atmosphere would cling to your skin and NEVER LET GO. I found it hard to breathe as my makeup dripped off and strands of hair uncomfortably clung to the sides of my face. Now I know what it feels like to pant like a dog. Utah, I will never take your dry heat for granted again!

But other than that, the trip was so beautiful and scenic. Glad we chose to do the Power Adventure rather than Disney World!


6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday / The Power Adventure

  1. Your pictures are amazing, and your trip sounds wonderful. I have only been to FL once when I was younger and we did the Disney world thing. Would love to go back as an adult, and do more exploring. What a terrific adventure =)

    • Thank you! To be honest, the kid in me really wanted to do Disney World but I’m not sure how we would’ve held up with the humidity (what with all that walking). We’ll have to go back one day, maybe in colder seasons!

  2. Missy says:

    OK, i just have to say – you look amazing in your vacation photos. I never post photos of myself on vacation because I’m always sunburned, frizzy and bloated!

    • Oh gee…THANKS! I’m always hesitant to put up photos too…I was feeling seasick on the ride out and by the time we started doing the fun stuff all my makeup had washed off, I’d lost both of my rubber bands, my thighs had funny lines on them from sitting too long in one spot and I had to use the bathroom so bad but the facilities were super gross (and the toilets stopped flushing!)

  3. magpietimes says:

    Amazing pictures! especially loved the boat with red sails in the blue sea…what a find!

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