The Upgrade

Our Comet Golfish (Mr. Fish Jr. who I received as a white elephant gift almost two years ago) has been living in a one gallon glass bowl for all of his duration with us. But alas, we finally upgraded his home to a bigger, less warped TEN GALLON TANK! We even got him two more friends, Ginger the Red Ryukin Goldfish and Bandit the Blackmoor Goldfish.

Here’s Ginger right before we took him/her out of the bag. I don’t know why but whenever I see a fish make this face, I always imagine it having a deep manly voice (kinda like that wall-mounted, singing Rainbow Trout you used to see on infomercials).

There’s something very calming about watching fish swim around. The way their tails trail behind them like rice paper under water. How their shiny round bodies dart back and forth. It’s therapeutic to just pet them with your eyes.

Sometimes it looks like we have six goldfish because of their constant reflections. They’re such great companions to have around! Low maintenance. Quiet. Clean. Small. And best of all…SHINY. I couldn’t stop looking at this picture of Ginger which eventually inspired me to make this:



6 thoughts on “The Upgrade

  1. Beth says:

    You have such a great writing style that it makes reading your blog really enjoyable. That’s a talent, Ang! :D

    Mr. Fish Jr must really be enjoying his new, larger living space as well as the companionship from his new friends. :)

    • Thank you Beth! Yes, Mr. Fish Jr. is living it up. Those three usually follow each other around in a line (that would bug the heck out of me but I guess if that’s all you have to look forward to in life…) :)

  2. zoesays says:

    Watching fish swim is supposed to be good for your health. Happy for Mr. Fish Jr.!

    • Mr. Fish Jr. says (in a gargly, bubbly tone) thank you! He’s such a trooper (never knew what he was missing out on…of the five fish that I got for my white elephant gift he was the only survivor).

  3. Missy says:

    Love the tank. We have a tank too! People think it is empty, but there is one mean fish living there. We have been waiting for him to die for years, so we can replace him with a group of non-aggressive fish, but he is hanging on to the very end, and we can’t bring ourselves to flush him.

    • That’s hilarious! Same here. We thought Mr. Fish Jr. wouldn’t make it, so for the first 6 months we waited for his demise (especially since there were times where we left town for the weekend or even a whole week and he still survived without food!) Does your cat ever try to eat your fish? :)

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