Motivational Monday / Color Me Picket

Oh boy. Today was an especially hard Monday to get through. I just gave Voltaire a bath after taking him and Curie to the D.P. (code for “dog park” since they figured out what that means) and I’m POOPED. I also just ate a Twinkie for no good reason and now I feel like a human lard who just gave up on her dreams.

But alas, the day isn’t over! There’s still 2 hours left until it’s Tuesday…which brings me to this picture that my husband showed me. A picket fence made entirely of colored pencils. Not sure where it’s located or who made it, but it sure brings up great memories of high school and my #1 medium of choice – Prisma Colored Pencils. Back then I would color for hours…10 hours straight sometimes.

48 assorted colors.
Soft core made from brilliant, light-resistant pigments.
Indigo Blue, Poppy Red, Goldenrod.
Supreme blending.
Filmy, water-resistant finish.
So much sharpening…a loud tin box.

This must be like listening to a card collector talk about his capture of wild Pokemon. But if any of you were big into AP Art or just coloring in general, you know what I’m talking about. Crayons never really leave you even after childhood. They just…manifest into other mediums like a computer mouse or…a tall picket fence.


6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday / Color Me Picket

  1. What an awesome fence! Makes me smile.

  2. zoesays says:

    That really is cheerful! Love all those colors.

  3. JeAnna says:

    Ah, prismas. Love them. My husband just got me a brand new box for my birthday last year.

    And I died laughing at your human lard comment. Your Hilarious.

  4. JeAnna says:

    Actually, you’re hilarious. Not your hilarious.

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