Birthday Boy

On September 3rd 2010 (exactly one year ago from Saturday) we adopted the sweetest, most nonchalant male schnauzer and named him Voltaire (after the witty and daring French Enlightenment writer). I wanted to get him a birthday cone hat but Walmart only sold a twenty pack of Transformer-themed ones, so we stuck a bow on his head and sang “Happy Birthday” while Voltaire longingly gazed at his meat pie. Unlike Curie, he took his time savoring every bite and shared some cookies with his sister.

Here are some memorable photos of Volt over the past year…

He loves to be chased!

Getting hosed down probably because he got peed on.

Someone’s been stealing my socks!


Cone of shame.

Dressed up as Bender for Halloween.

An intense moment of staring.

Making friends.

Buried in clean laundry.

Running in the summer.

Running in fall.

Grazing like a goat. I see the evidence!


One thought on “Birthday Boy

  1. Missy says:

    Am I a bad pet parent because I ignore my cat’s birthday?

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