We’re here!

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long! But we’re finally here…

WASHINGTON. The land of trees. Also mom wasn’t lying when she said there’s a whole community of Asian people. It’s been almost a week since we arrived and we’re still unpacking boxes. Low and behold, all three guppies made it safe (a 14 hour trip in a deep, dark bucket) and both dogs are loving the new backyard (which is probably infested with spiders and squirrel poop). I will try and post photos as soon as I find the camera cord…somewhere….

Just learned that our new state is known for apples, cherries and….wait for it….Wall Walla Onions. Yes, there is actually a city called Walla Walla which we passed on our way in. Washington’s also known for Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, big bands, Bill Gates, rain and suicides.

Also this is our state animal.

I’m going to love it here!


4 thoughts on “We’re here!

  1. JeAnna says:

    Logan misses you already.

  2. Missy says:

    So glad to hear you made it ok! Please post some photos soon!

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