I can’t find the cord for my camera, so consequently I can’t put up new pictures. This is currently what I’m experiencing.

Not only is moving a pain, but the aftermath of losing things is irritating. As irritating as:

– Trying to dig a wedgie in public
– Using a wet towel to dry yourself
– Stumbling over words in front of important people
– Losing your car in a Target parking lot
– Struggling with perforations
– Disconnecting your Mac laptop cable cause the magnet is being dumb
– Squiggly lines on your eyeball
– Driving through light rain (too light for the windshield wipers, even on slow speed, but you still have to wipe it away every ten seconds)
– Not knowing the words to a popular song
– A chipped nail that scratches the heck out of your face when you go to itch your cheek
– Exiting a hot, relaxing shower
– Not having a hair band when you most need it
– No one lets you in when you need to merge
– Sleeping on cookie crumbs
– Automatic toilets
– Saran wrap that doesn’t stick
– Just realizing that you’ve been listening to static in the car for five minutes



5 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. I can relate to all those irritating things pretty well. Perfect summary. I’m sure it’ll all sort out and you’ll find missing things all over the place… sooner or later. it’s like they say, “It’s better to have had and lost then to never have had at all.” You know… or whatever it is.

    • Kate! Yes, you’re right. They all turn up eventually (two…maybe three years down the road). It’s so funny because back when we were still in Logan, Ben and I would run into people that looked like you and Ben would be like “I think that was Kate M…looked just like her!” but alas, they were not.

  2. zoesays says:

    I love your list! I think I have been affected by all of those at one point or another. The Saran Wrap people need to get their act together – either it’s too sticky or not sticky enough. We should be able to figure that one out.

    I hope you find your camera cord soon and that things begin to right themselves.

  3. zoesays says:

    Maybe certain companies are paid to keep their products mediocre so that someone else can come along and invent a “solution” for it that will be aired on As Seen on TV infomercials.

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