Home sweet home

Well whaddya know. I found…the camera cord! To be more specific, it’s a USB cord that belonged to an older camera that just happens to work with mine. This is what I wanted to do to it.

But first thing’s first. The 14 hour drive from Utah to Washington wasn’t that bad (boring but bearable). At least it was scenic!

The hill that leads down to our home overlooks a beautiful lake. It’s weird but so far, I’ve lived in three very different climates: an island, a desert and now essentially a rain forest.

This is Mr. Rabbit. He was sitting in front of our house, ready to greet us upon our arrival. Creepy, no?

Curie and Voltaire exploring the new backyard. And an unsuspecting visitor.

There’s also an enormously fat cat that visits our yard every so often. I love watching cats waddle away :)


One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. Missy says:

    welcome back! more pictures please!

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