Motivational Monday: Cell-ebrate

I just went from this…

to this…

I hate that this entry is screaming “materialism!”, but to be honest getting a new phone this time around proved to be a huge change for me. I’ve been using my Nokia go-phone for the past year and a half and our two year contract with AT&T just expired. So, like Obama’s tag line, it was time for change. We hopped onto the T-Mobile bandwagon and I got myself an LG G2x 4G Android phone (whatever that means). But you know it’s cool if it has an “x” in it.

Upon getting the phone, I should’ve been way excited. I was holding a glassy black dream-machine in the palm of my hand and this dual-core processor was going to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience with extra speed and extra power! Right? But all I felt was intimidation, fear and the gross realization that I was behind on the times. I still can’t believe that touchscreens exist and that graphics can look soooo good on a phone. What am I saying…it’s amazing that it’s even in color! I know, I sound like I just emerged from the early 90’s and I was only just told that these miracles exist. But the rapid advancements in our technology hasn’t really hit me until now because now I have this thing that lets me go online if I touch a virtual button!

I am once again a cave-woman discovering fire for the first time. I feel extremely lucky to have this Korean-made gadget, techno ring tone and all. Even the selection for my notification sound is fancy…I can choose anything from Chewbacca’s cry to Samuel Jackson yelling at me :)


6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Cell-ebrate

  1. Brit says:

    Chewbacca and Samuel Jackson both are in Star Wars just as a reminder.

  2. Xenia Nova says:

    You’re so funny! I love this post! I wish I could remember the feelings and emotions I had when I’ve switched around phones.. all I know is that I’ve spent days figuring the new ones out :)

  3. JeAnna says:

    NNNOOOOO!!!!! You were my last free-phone friend.

    Crap, guess I have to go get an iphone. Bummer.

    • I know!!! JeAnna I always thought of you when charging my phone (which I only did once a week…every Sunday). Now people will expect me to respond to their emails instantly, crap.

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