Halloween Pub Crawl

Halloween. One of my all time favorite holidays. Every year the big question pops up: What am I going to BE?! Better yet, what are WE going to be? Think of a couples costume, THINK!

My initial plan of being Leeloo and Corben Dallas from Fifth Element was terminated when Ben realized he would have to wear an uncomfortably tight bright orange wife-beater. So I let him decide on costumes. We were going to be……

Carmen Sandiego and Waldo! A thieving villain and the always-smiling storybook character who are very hard to find. But low and behold, they were together in the same place this year. Romantically involved. Gasp.

And these were fairly simple costumes to make! They only required a few materials – white duct tape, yellow fabric and red yarn. No, I did not sew Carmen’s red coat myself. Luckily it’s something I already had, phew.

The tricky part about making a Waldo costume from scratch is finding a plain red or white long sleeved sweater that you can cover with duct tape stripes. Also Ben’s red beanie had to be entirely taped up and it needed to be topped off with a pom pom (cause a Waldo hat isn’t complete without one). Learn how to make a pom pom here!

It was our first Halloween in Seattle and neither of us are clubbers, so there was only thing to do. A Pub Crawl! Where you hop from pub to pub and try to make friends by impressing strangers with your unusual getup. There were way too many people who came up to us and shouted “I found you! Hahaha.” But I was relieved that so many of them recognized our characters (and that no one else was Carmen). Cause lemme tell ya, there were a lot of (single) Waldos.

But besides the $44 parking ticket at the end of the crawl, we had a lot of fun. The Seattle environment is definitely different than Logan, Utah (we walked out of a bar last night and saw Big Bird casually smoking a cigarette next to a pretend-pimp). We ended the night by watching Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark at the $3 theater. It’s really refreshing to see Katie Holmes again, back in the spotlight. I guess Tom decided it was okay to let her out of the cage :)


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