Part of the flock

Until today, I never wanted to open a Twitter account. Don’t get me wrong…I always thought the bird logo was cute and I love that the term “twitter” is defined as “a short burst of inconsequential information” or “chirps from birds” which is an exact description of the product.

My excuse was always “Look, updating my facebook status is exactly the same as microblogging up to 140 characters right?” I mean, it would just be one more social network to keep track of. One more (dumb, irrelevant) password to make up on the spot. But as I was updating my LinkedIn account this afternoon, there it was. Under “websites” there’s a link that says “add a Twitter account.” That pestering blue bird was following me EVERYWHERE and refused to stop. Doing birdy somersaults around my head. Be one of us. Fly with us. TWEET or else we’ll (virtually) peck you to death. I couldn’t take it anymore. Also did I mention how awesome this social media propaganda poster is?

How could I let this albino whale down? I had to get an account, if only for networking sake. So now there’s one more way you and I can connect in the invisible world known as the internet aside from Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Gmail and texting. I guess the creative minds behind Twitter realized that the world has a lot to say and, whether we like to admit it or not, we like connecting with the planet.

P.S. The word “tweet” makes me uncomfortable. It sounds like…a word that means you just pooped in your pants and you’re like “Oops, tweet!”


4 thoughts on “Part of the flock

  1. lol angie, i love reading your stuff. so whats your twitter account? i shall add you haha

  2. zoesays says:

    I laughed at the, “Oops, tweet!”

    Perhaps instead of “Oops,” Rick Perry should have said, “Tweet!”

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