Brotherly Love

So my husband did the sweetest thing the other day. For his little brother’s early birthday present, he bought him Minecraft – a game that lets you place blocks anywhere so you can build anything you can imagine. Monsters come out at night, (cubic) cows roam around freely, rain falls from the sky, etc. I asked him why he bought this in particular and he replied “So I can play with Chaucer on two-player mode…I want to see him build worlds and watch him get all excited.”

He always was a good brother. He spent a whole night setting up a world so that when he and Chaucer played together for the first time, the little guy would see this:

This is a digital birthday cake. Topped off with delicious red pixels.

I started to reminisce about our very first date back in high school (I promise this is relevant). He took me to a school play but didn’t realize that his parents (my future in-laws) were attending as well. As the play finished and we walked outside to chat, I saw this little 2-year old boy run up to him and wrap his arms around my (very new) boyfriend’s legs. I thought “Oh my heck, who is this cute kid. Wait, that’s your brother?” If we had been playing a game of Mario, you would’ve heard the boing! sound of golden coins being collected.

Fast forward six years and now that little 2-year old is turning 9. Crazy :)


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