So a few weeks back, Ben and I discovered something wonderful.

RUFF, which stands for Renton’s Unleashed Furry Friends, is a completely fenced-in dog park measuring 3.5 ACRES that even has a separate shy/small dog area off to the side measuring 65 by 120 feet. Yes, you read right. 3.5 acres. That is HUGE!

Renton’s canine citizens have a place to call their own because a dedicated group of people back in 2009 made an ambitious plan come true and wonderful Renton-ians around the community all chipped in either with donations or through volunteer work. Before moving here, Ben and I were so worried we wouldn’t be able to find a fun play area for our dogs to socialize, but dang…this place blew us away. Not only does it have two secure entry paddocks but there’s ample room for larger dogs to exert energy, wooden inclines for dogs to walk up and down, and fake fire hydrants which encourage tinkle time!

There are sitting areas where you can kick back on log benches and chat it up with other (eccentric) dog lovers. They’re not quite as strange as the people we met back in Logan (oh I miss those guys) but then again, this park is huge so the humans are more spaced out and you have to actually make an effort to make friends.

And, as I predicted, our dogs are still the loudest ones there.


4 thoughts on “RUFF

  1. missy says:

    That is awesome!

    • Missy! I thought about you the other day and hoped that you were able to take the two-week vacation you talked about a while back. Cause you guys definitely deserve a break after trade show ;)

  2. That is dang cool! We have a dog park near our house (just 7 blocks) but nothing this eccentric! We could use more less strange humans too ;)

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