Clam Lights

So we live on a hill overlooking beautiful Lake Washington. I just found out that Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, which is a part of the lake, pulls off an annual event called “Ivar’s Clam Lights” and Ben and I just happened to pass it on our way home.

Me: Holy crap, pull over! Look at that!
Ben: Dang it. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.
Me: Wait, you knew about this and wasn’t going to tell me?
Ben: :D

I asked Ben “What are those supposed to be?” and he replied “Clams!” Oh yeah.

A walkway that lets you see the shore of the lake from afar.

Some ducks chilling. Do you know what you call a group of ducks? (random fact)

A badelynge, bunch, brace, flock, paddling, raft, dover or team. If it’s a group of newly hatched ducklings, then it’s a brood.

A nice place to take the family after 5 pm. I love Christmas lights!


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