Motivational Monday: Hearth

So we finally got the fireplace in our living room working, WOO! By “we” I mean Ben, the best handy-man-husband $60 could buy (inside joke). Getting the “hearth” going really sets the perfect mood, just like turning on the Christmas tree lights. Those green, red and yellow glows make you feel like you’re seven again. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel cozier in my fleece jammies and pink bathrobe (staring up at our three-foot tree like a twinkly-eyed deer) a roaring fire appeared behind me and I swear this room got ten degrees warmer.

Curie getting loves from papa. This is my favorite part of the day when the whole family cuddles on the couch. Curie gets kisses and Voltaire is cradled like a baby (literally…and not by me).

Also can I just point out that dogs have the BEST Christmas presents ever? Everywhere I go (Target, Petsmart, the mall) I see these cool bento-like gifts or vinyl stockings filled with Martha Stewart squeaky toys and candy cane shaped bones. They’ve got us wrapped around their little paws I tell you! “No they don’t!” you exclaim. “It’s not like we feed them the best organic foods, groom them, speak to them in silly voices and pick up their poop in neon bags with our HANDS.”


Also (going on a tangent here) the citizens of Seattle really believe in caring for their trees and lamp posts. They demonstrate this concern by clothing them. Ha.

But anyways, my point is…I love the hearth and my familia. You guys make THIS girl very, very happy :)


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