Golden Culinary

Amusing find for the day – edible golden spray for food! The Deli Garage brings you Esslack in four colors that gives you the power to create a meal fit for King Midas. Why eat a plain brown turkey when you can transform it into C-3PO!

So go and glamorize those truffles. Add an extra layer of “glaze” to that doughnut. Paint all of your eggs gold and plant them around your yard…make it look like your (magical) chicken’s been hard at work. Red apples were so last year…the Germans are jazzing up their dinner table and so should YOU.


2 thoughts on “Golden Culinary

  1. zoesays says:

    I can’t imagine actually consuming this stuff. But it’s cool to make things gold.

  2. Melissa K. says:

    Hoooooooo boy. YES!

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